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Greenery (Real Time PvP) | New Football Game by Netease – 绿茵之巅(测试服)


“Greenery” is a real-time control fair athletic football mobile game jointly developed by Netease Games and Chengdu Chuanglehui. The immersive field, the beautiful character of the personality, the stimulating real-time confrontation, and the smooth operation control will bring a brand new football mobile game experience. The game is also authorized by FIFPro (International Federation of Professional Football Players), self-cultivating thousands of players, creating a unique legendary team, decisive battle, the green!
[Game Features]
10,000 active players in
63 countries, 10,000 professional players not only bring ample players, but also include legendary players in the history of football and today’s top players in the world. Every star in the beauty comics has a distinctive character. Choose 11 players and build a dedicated star lineup to fight alongside them.
TECHNICAL green Conquest
game arena height reduction, about precise “control keys 4 + 1” mode, the rocker mating with the key, whether the attack is shot, straight plug, ball, or when the defense sliding tackles, marker The player can be flexibly used, and it can match the high-altitude movements such as high-ball, shot-shooting and push-shooting. The technology will become the magic weapon for winning.
Free control, smooth and smooth
game operation experience is refreshing and smooth, showing the realistic effect of close to reality.

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  1. HaarshGaming says

    The first beta testing is over. I will notify when new beta starts.

  2. الـعــمـــودي 507 says

    لماذا تم ايقاف اللعبة اخي ??

  3. احمد معريفي says

    هل بدون انترنيت

  4. Fijo Bagang says

    Nce video..bro plz upload another video of this game showing all possible settings, player faces and game modes,skills..etc..

  5. B.J.O music and play says

    Chinos siempre haciendo de las suyas pero bueno es lo único que se acerca a al la competencia del DLS19 xd

  6. Tech TV says

    How i download it

  7. PATO GAMES says

    Podria utilizar tus game play para un video te dare creditos

  8. ༒GABRIEL༒ TM says

    Ele vai ser nessa velocidade MSM??

  9. Máskara says

    libera apk download !

  10. Romilda says

    O download já esta liberado

  11. Wieidiir

  12. Nilton Silva says

    manoo que tooop toopp

  13. DanilooPlauer says


  14. JaVier Gallardo says

    Tiene estilo a lo Fifa Mobile

  15. Lucineide Lopes says

    Já tem como jogar?

  16. Mau Bj says

    Es ofline o funciona con Internet

  17. Mau Bj says

    Hello is ofline

  18. Maicon Lima Costa says

    Tem a gameplay sem estar em rapida velocidade??


    Podría utilizar tu gameplay para un vídeo? Te dejaría créditos 🙂

  20. Haroldo Junior says

    Vai rodar para todos os celulares como o meu (A32016)de 1.5 de RAM e 16 de memória interna


    This game online or offline ?

  22. Vaibhav Jain says

    Wow Amazing!!!

  23. Guilherme Rodrigues says

    Vai rodar em aparelhos de 1gb RAM?

  24. Shino says

    se sabe se vai lançar para o Brasil ??

  25. algérien arabe says

    Plz links

  26. Wesllen Alison says

    É offline

  27. Juan Duran Valencia says

    He tells me that the test is over and he will not let me in

  28. Maicol Moreno says

    Hello bro is that I could not enter and I get a message but it is in Chinese and I do not know what it is I already have an account and I enter it but I get a notice please help me please

  29. Srijan Productions says

    Bro is the game fast as shown in the video???
    Or you made the video fast?

  30. YOUNKO FIVE YT says

    Thanks bro ??

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