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"Green the Planet" Game trailer


To those who will inhabit this planet someday…

-Green the Planet-
Touching down upon a wasted planet, you must now bring back life to this lonely rock for the sake of the future.

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Game Description:
You have landed on a desolate wasteland of a planet.
Your mission: to resurrect the planet’s greenery.

-Use Energy for Greening
Collect the many objects that fall to the planet’s surface and convert incoming Comets into Energy with the Comet Decomposer, storing it in the spaceship’s Machine. Inject your collected Energy to increase Greening.
Reach a Greening of 100% to bring the planet back to a complete green state.

-Upgrade your Equipment
Use Energy to build and upgrade your Comet Decomposer. You can also use Energy to build a Comet Detector that finds Rare Comets or an Auto Collector that collects Energy even when you’re not playing.
Use your collected Energy to build equipment or to increase Greening. The choice is yours.

**Expand your Library**
The specimens you find are recorded in your ship’s Library. Gather more and more and enjoy watching your collection grow.
Aim to complete your collection and keep on greening.


[PUMO’s game]
We hope you can enjoy the game what was made by PUMO

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  1. Sara A says


  2. mei says

    i love this game! <3 but whats the songg?? i need to know please…!

  3. Alexander Provenza says

    My #1 favorite app. Love the warm alien vibe. Music is great

  4. ViaticDuke says

    what song is used for this game? I really want to know!

  5. Krzysztof Olszak says


  6. indoguju says

    Love this game!!!!

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