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Gran Turismo Sport: My Debut for Taylor Swift Racing


First FIA race is freekin’ ages m8. Hitting it hard with Taylor Swift Racing.

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  1. william illwill says

    dat refresh button is amazing

  2. Jayman 0630 says

    Drivers hate him, see how he shaves seconds off his laptimes with this one simple trick

  3. Alex Dowse says

    This is one of those things I could never have expected but absolutely love.

  4. F20s says

    Wtf is Taylor Swift Racing? Does she know she owns a team in GT? :)))

  5. οὐτόπος says

    Too high of a level there.

  6. Rey_ Azteca_009 says

    Just starting my GT journey only have a controller at the moment, how much of a chance do I have against steering wheel using drivers? Been loving the vids man quite informative.

  7. JH Studios says

    Get a wheel!! It would improve quality of vids by so much!

  8. detractor says

    I love your videos man, it may sound cliche but they do make my day better. Keep it up! Downloading GT Sport right now.

  9. KoKe says

    hello senpai

  10. messmeister92 says

    Taylor Swift’s summer home isn’t far from where I live. If I see her, I’ll tell her Alex Albon says hi.

  11. Matt328 says

    Wait a minute, do you really like Taylor Swift or it's a meme?

  12. Keisuke Takahasi says

    3:04 is that haas? did they forgot to install the brakes again?

  13. Van.Der.Photo says

    You inspired Taylor swift to release a new album when she saw this video, thanks

  14. Mister Jinn says

    Wish I could get this livery✨

  15. Shammer 007 says

    Taylor swift is definitely not someone I would put on my car

  16. João Freitas says

    can you tell me what are your bright configurations please? just bought GT Sport but the bright looks wrong, and your videos are almost photorealistic
    cheers from Brazil!!

  17. Flaming- Ledge says

    Love the vids bro keep up the good work?

  18. Lucas Moreira says

    04:31 LOL HARD

  19. Ross Scarlet says

    its too powerful, while watching this my graphics card got sent to the shadow realm (it actually died(

  20. Cash Masters says

    Wait I'm sorry whats up with Taylor swift in this game?

  21. Tree Stump says

    Ive just got myself a copy of Sport cheap on the playstation store, is it worth me buying a wheel to play it on now or waiting till the ps5 is out to make sure its compatible?

  22. BooBoo-Racing #GTSport - #ACC says

    good or bad result. i love these kinda Races. tense, close and the same feeling as karting hacks ?

  23. Ailithic says

    The Swift Mobile?

  24. Big Banks says

    Super GT plays Yu Gi Oh

  25. Shane Lake says

    question is will the swift thought work in iracing……..

  26. Modeste Bossman says

    Taylor Swift racing? in Granturismo l?

  27. Harry says

    Hope you're back proper. Don't be afraid to experiment with things you want to do on the channel. Enjoy your psychologist sessions 🙂

  28. MrMBinder says

    Damn. That is one beautiful car.

  29. random callsign says

    when are you moving do Adele Corsa? So the dudes in the shadow realm can sing "hello from the other side"

  30. Croinky man says

    Whats everyone's favourite circuit?
    Mines bathurst. Love to see yall opinions

  31. PHILMKD1995 says

    Lmao, the first all of them were in V12 Vantage's XD

  32. PHILMKD1995 says

    The Slipstream financial crisis of 2020.

  33. Ankit says


  34. Oliver Watson says

    Can they not make the slip stream work as a inverse proportion? When you are closest the effect would be at its strongest, and the further away you are the lower the effect would be, until eventually you get no slipstream. I don't get how this is not a simple thing to implement, rather than just a cut off point.

  35. SHIN BAKI HANMA says

    Taylor Swift's talentless mug on a GT car?! I've never wanted to throw up so much in my entire life?

  36. plica06 says

    An error strewn outing despite how you built it up in the beginning…. and you are OBSESSED with A1 Ring. Aren't there other tracks in this game??

  37. JNDmoto says

    Cool video. ?
    Im just starting to post some race videos myself. Jndmoto

  38. Electro Vampyre says

    I wouldnt be caught dead driving something with Taylor Swift on it Automatic Dislike

  39. MAO W says

    1:18 is Allan Shimonsen?

  40. Blerk350z says

    How do I get that livery???

  41. Amir Elfezzazi says

    are they playing this on pc

  42. Rysslass says


  43. Rysslass says

    Think you should lay off Hamiton, he only did what Verstapen did last year. And everyone was OK with it then.

  44. PropanePete says

    Exploding barriers …. that would certainly add another level of entertainment to F1 races

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