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Gov. Inslee allocates $43 million to help protect undocumented, agricultural workers during COVID-19


Gov. Inslee said the funding is coming from federal CARES Act dollars that have been allocated to states to help deal with the fallout from the pandemic.


Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. timothy smith says

    Screw Inslee! Get him out!

  2. Jake Waldman says

    Your priorities are fucked Inslee

  3. Diana says

    This is definitely how you buy votes🤨

  4. Diana says

    Washington citizens you reap what you sow. Next time make sure you do your homework before voting🤨

  5. outdoors life4style says

    This guy is a walking colostomy bag and the Seattle mayor is the contents.

  6. Louis says

    Tax dollars for illegals and screw tax paying citizens. Why doesn't the AG (Ferguson) who files suits by the dozen against the Federal Government for violating laws protect the citizens of Washington file suit against Inslee? The corruption in this State is beyond belief. I am not sure how he can sleep at night. His day will come. Wake up woke Washington and vote.

  7. Contracts Flight Express says

    WHAT…Federal money being given to illegal immigrants? Recall the governor! The governor cannot divert federal funds by executive order or decree.

  8. Eugene B says

    What a moron. Guys, vote Culp2020, let’s get our state back

  9. stephluisa mastini says

    And there lies the rub…It’s so obvious that the reason you are in a such a mess is because you’re helping people they don’t even pay taxes. Think about that. Yeah there’s humanity and there is stupidity! Help your residents first you fool !

  10. michael says

    How does the "National Guard" interact with Unscheduled Guest without ARRESTING Them??!!!

  11. Sick & Tired says

    Magic money 💵 Watch it fly away💸💸💸💰

  12. Rollling says

    Only 43 million ?
    Whats wrong with these governor ?

  13. Mark Lawrence Andaya says

    Keep voting Democrats Washinton

  14. Hi There says

    I meant inslee….MY BAD.

  15. Hi There says

    Inskeep, incompetent, corrupt, AND HE STILL GOT
    71% of the Governor votes. SEVENTY ONE %

  16. Hi There says

    Yes, and thousands of LEGAL FORMERLY WORKING

  17. Eclipse1369 says

    How about you advocate for small business!!

  18. jim tom says

    Americans first not illegal as those millions are needed to rebuild seattle that inslee and jurkin destroyed not illegal people

  19. keefn8 says

    I bet this guy will complain about giving 100$ more to American's on unemployment because orange man bad.

  20. Nature Rules says

    How is this legal? Why are we paying for illegal immigrants when we have actual U.S./Washington citizens who can't get help and are still waiting for unemployment? More importantly who keeps voting for this idiot and why?

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