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Goku & Dr. Didier Raoult VS Covid-19


Captured and edited by Nabil Ayari (Video Editor and Filmmaker)

Release date: June 8, 2020

Goku was coded by Cybaster and sprited by Balthazar for MUGEN.
Other Dragonball characters are from the Hyper Dragon Ball Z Team Z2
Covid-19 is from Donald Nemesis
Dr. Yang is from Kotori

Watch Goku VS Covid:

Watch Goku VS Street Fighter 2:

Watch Goku VS Super Heroes:

Watch Goku in: Street Fighter 2 Intro:

Watch Super Street Fighter 2: Fatalities:

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  1. Tim Porter says

    Excellent! Glad I found your videos. Take a look at smzeus . c o m! I used it to promote my social media, you could use it to promote your videos!

  2. extremegamer642 says

    Covid 19 not done yet it says so in the data. It is more in the summer and years to come. Goku will be sick soon.

  3. Adam Morales says

    Love the sprite animation the doctor actually helps and I like how he becomes super saiyan

  4. Rui Guedes says

    Ces't quelle le nom original du jeu?

  5. Guillaume Debay says

    excellent bravo.

  6. Funky says


  7. Marcos Gaete says

    Jaja wtf

  8. SOLenG says

    j'avais plutot tendance a parié sur la défaite de raoult…

  9. Montilla Weathersby says


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