Going Hungry In Singapore, A Cheap Food Paradise | Special Report Part 1/2 (with MSF clarifications)

*Update: Clarifications from the Ministry of Social and Family Development have been added to the comments.

Singapore is famous for its cheap hawker food, including the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. Why does hunger, or food insecurity, still exist in this city?


Food insecurity refers to the lack of reliable access to nutritious food due to financial constraints. But we found that it doesn’t exist only among the lower-income or the elderly poor.

In a two-part special, CNA Insider investigates the issue of hunger, and the efforts to address it in Singapore. WATCH Part 2: Feeding the hungry – and how to do it better

We spent months talking to recipients of food aid, and groups like The Food Bank Singapore, Free Food From All, Food From The Heart, Keeping Hope Alive, Willing Hearts, Volunteer Switchboard and SG Food Rescue.

UPDATE: Clarifications from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), which reached out to some of the profiles with their permission:
– (5:10-34) Income is not the sole criteria for ComCare assistance. Applicants’ needs are assessed holistically, such as food, financial debts, healthcare, employment, family-relationship issues, and housing needs. In Sam’s case, he approached the SSO in 2015 over rental assistance and declined to apply for financial assistance.
– (9:35-10:40) Azhar has to apply to extend his ComCare assistance every 3 months, because the period of assistance is aligned with the three-month duration of his medical certificates. He had last applied in late August 2019, and submitted his doctor’s memo (certifying him unfit for work) on Sept 25. His application was approved a week later, on Oct 3.
– (9:45-52) Most applications for assistance are processed in 2-4 weeks, once necessary documents are submitted. Almost all are processed within 6 weeks.

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TOUCH Community Services: To volunteer for Meals-On-Wheels delivery, call 68046565

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  1. Ideally, one should build their passive income streams to free them from paying bills and living costs. Once they finished these, then they could think about something else like growing a family.

  2. How can a documentary in 2020, still portray saturated fat and high cholesterol as a problem, when keto dieters who have been on keto over 10 years, with fantastic blood work exist.

  3. This is heartbreaking, and I am really glad there are strong social institutions over there in SG to help them. I have experienced this myself when I was a kid, and I know too well the worry and sadness on my parents’ faces when food is running out.

  4. I feel sorry for him. Earning $2,000sgd but still cannot eat.
    In my country, if you earn $2,000sgd, you can have a very good life+buy car+ credit a house already.

  5. This is not how starvation and Hunger looks like. In the video some one mentioned a word called "choice ". A hunger striken person does not have a luxury of Choice. They are just mismanaging resources.

  6. i skip eat chinese food in m'sia, everyone vendor seller seem 人血饅頭,nobody care about the young generation job opp., relationship, culture heritage,mentorship,all is about family business, exploitation labor, act ang moh.

  7. Financial Education is free to all but only if everyone applies it. No one has to go through poverty…its a choice. Learn things like asset, liabilities, cashflow n have money work hard for u. Its easy said than done but it can be done…its up to the individual. Im not criticising rather suggesting

  8. Can recipents and food group form a kitchen to make healthy home made food and deliver to families who need assistance in the afternoon and night

    Also they can find them jobs near their living area / place
    Open a care centre near their living area / place where their kids can go after school
    Their parents can be free to concentrate on work knowing their kids are safe and in the right hands

  9. It's a developed country., which means every hawker center, food court, bakery, restos, fast food etc have plenty of leftovers at closing times.

    the problem? people and their big mouths !! those idle talks and finger-pointing sneering that makes it shameful for perfectly good food to reach those who need it most.

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