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GIANT FOOD CHALLENGE #2 w/ 100lbs Spaghetti & Meatballs Plus How To Make Funny Frozen Foods


Learn how to make the world’s largest 100lbs bowl of spaghetti and meatballs in this giant food challenge! You will laugh at all of the funny frozen food hacks, crazy reveals, best new inventions, and massive Italian masterpieces. Last time, brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself superhero food art challenge with diy Marvel Avengers edible movie art. Today’s battle involves massive ostrich eggs, life size crab stuffed ravioli, spice filled water balloons, and real hibachi onion volcanos! Try not to laugh at the mess and hilarious fun created during this crazy step by step cooking tutorial. It’s another awesome viral video in this entertainment and education life hack compilation series.

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And don’t worry, we didn’t eat this food by ourselves, we shared it all with our friends and family!

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Snapchat: DevanKey
Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
• Flour
• Lettuce
• Pasta
• Cheese wheel
• Target iron
• Eggs
• Whisk
• Kroger Butter
• Tomato sauce
• Watermelon radish
• Walmart spatula
• Soccer cleats
• Beets
• Beef
• Wok
• Shrimp
• Amazon pillow case
• Jackfruit
• Coconut
• Pool noodle

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  1. Tiko is the best says

    And great experiments video 100%

  2. Tiko is the best says

    both look soooooo! goodso I cant tell .

  3. AOZ Ryan says

    I love Collins videos they're soooo cool

  4. ćøčã tansey says

    At 0:27
    And at this moment he knew he messed up ._.

  5. Jan_Casey 1727 says

    I thought yore never using a slingshot again??!

  6. Keith Fraser says

    Collins said get merch twice

  7. KittyIsland! _ says

    Imagine if Colin was a DJ XD

  8. Alexa ClawSister says

    Devan is being infected by Collin’s craziness..

  9. Sean Krzysztoff Pingol says

    That flour balloon be poppin’

  10. Jacob Lenoir says

    Hey girl how y’all do your job do I need your a job I need to do something to help with your phone I can call me back if y’all have anything you want I just got a bitch is your name so I’m not going back and I’m gonna was a bitch first night of

  11. Emily Deacon says


  12. Sam Parrish says

    Who else wants the virus to be gone

  13. Dewayne Satchell says

    Collin: breaks egg on him self
    Me: salmonella

  14. Timothy Byrd says

    Rose's are red, Devin is neat, everything goes flying when Collins says "yeet"

  15. James Adeniyi says

    But none of them is better than my mom is cooking

  16. Brownfunkycow says

    "Love you, b-"

  17. The fluffy Cat says


  18. Kayla Anderson says

    roses r red Devan is neat why does Collins always say yeet

  19. Basit Entrepreneur says


  20. Amy Bailey says

    How the heck do u deal with cleaning all ur mess up??

  21. Jonathan Hollyhead says

    Xcxjzjzfxndzshzhsmmdjsnfffnncnfnmznxnxnfndmsdnvhvh dtrqtfcnuggcghcmjghxucmgfjghxzjvakubdy dyktqpfjkbcvzugfguoe ogwterjvhg.
    Fgfgchdfghjfgh jguyuhhhdtc jfgtuh.
    Sgxcfghhhfftdyftftsgdfy .gghghhhhvhghhhhhhhhhhhjngghbnbhhhchnjnnm.g

  22. Chantel Nolan says

    Who else felt bad for the crab??

  23. Jaxx Roy says

    Great video

  24. Mahdi Kort says

    Collins key looks better

  25. Mahdi Kort says

    Collins key looks better

  26. Mahdi Kort says

    Collins key looks better

  27. Josue Perez-Montoya says

    I forgot that Collins is making ravioli bc he just grabbed random stuff and broke it

  28. Lili Saint says

    Collins when you say yeet I say YEET!!!!!!

  29. ynwfortnite21Junoir U.w.U says

    Hey Collin i think Devin is better more handsome and cute

  30. anne rupe says

    Collins key's I love your video's and i whant you guys to make a new weird food video but added cottage cheese with dorito's nacho cheese flavored chips… LoL love your friend name Mary??☺???

  31. Rhys's World says


  32. Dylan Martin says

    is it just me or has deven gotten a lot more messier

  33. Molly Dorn says

    I am mommy collins I love you and if you play Roblox it’s really fun that’s all I have to say

  34. Robert Bushrod says

    Don't worry I will like you

  35. Shean Eli Ecoy says

    "I just smacked the dough, the dough smacked back."

    I'm legitimately dying of laughter ?????

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