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ghost pranks 17 | ANS Entertainment | INDIA'S number 1 ghost prank channel | pranks in INDIA 2019


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First of all please do comment guy’s we really need your some creative idea’s
ANS Entertainment:

What would you do if devil appear from the dark right in front of you? If you want to know it then watch this Extremely scary prank!


Are you ready for the second part of this movie? Just wait… It’s coming!

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  1. ANS Entertainment says

    Guys ye ghost prank 22 me ek hadsa ho gya aap zarur dekhe?

  2. Jalindar Dongare says

    मुझे तो ये फेक प्रन्क लगा.

  3. Yogesh Koli says


  4. munshigonj high flyer pigeons says


  5. Arunkumar N says

    1:17 patt se head shot ???

  6. Chiranjit Sarkar says


  7. Dibya Hansda says


  8. Wisly Jean says

    Yu are right its dangerous

  9. Sandeep kumar says

    Bhai prank Acha h magr Kisi ko heart attack aa gya na Lene ke dene pad jaeynge ap logo ko

  10. Priyanka Sharma says

    Pagl h ese koii bhi mar skta h batmijjjho tum.log agr koii mar gya naa problm tum.logo.k liye hojayegiii

  11. Birendra Swain says

    Ese majak mat Karo ki kisiki Jan chala jae a galat he

  12. Keerthi Varman says

    Best prank ive seen

  13. P Naveen says

    Super video

  14. Dullal Barik Barik Dullal says


  15. Emirhan Aliv says

    Omg I’m dead ????? y’all make my night??

  16. Vc.Kingsman says


  17. says


  18. galiya ගලිය says
  19. galiya ගලිය says
  20. galiya ගලිය says
  21. Mahmuda Begum says

    1:16 I can't stop laughing ??????

  22. breathing jungkook says

    3:38 Itni derr me to mera ram nam satya ho jata ??????

  23. Nowrin Nowrin khan says



    ??????really loved it ❤

  25. SANTU MALAKAR says

    is Tara se darana bilkul achi bat nahi kuch bhi hosakta hai

  26. Jessica Joute says

    Very bad if there were heart disease he she may die

  27. Ayesha Siddiqua says

    I would kill it as I was scared.

  28. keshari kant dwivedi says


  29. Nithin Somaiah says

    Very cool

  30. Aarohi Anjali says


  31. Mahesh G says


  32. امل الامير says

    المقظع قللت الادب

  33. R.venkata deepika deepika says

    What will be the situation if there is a heart attack patient. For your earnings don't put others life in risk.

  34. Mr Ghazi says

    In Pakistan while performing this kind of prank at midnight the prankstar was shot dead . So don't do this type of pranks .

  35. Di Best says

    steven universe songs

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