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Ghost of Tsushima live | The end of the game?


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  1. opocalypse says

    U should play the wolf among us

  2. Just Some Asian Swordsman says

    Very good game. My favorite in 2020.

  3. omar Morcy says

    I actually loved it better than tlou2

  4. Deedric Kee says

    This is amazing,I have really really enjoyed this playthrough. This is my favorite playthrough from I have enjoyed the most. You're so awesome "Meghan🗡🌹✨✨✨✨✨👏

  5. Ali Ibrahim says

    He is a Samurai if you didnt kill him he would kill himself because he faild his mission

  6. zaftra says

    That was the bad ending, you're fond of slaughter.

  7. Francis Busby says

    I'm excited for you to play TWD

  8. da foocha says

    2:39:07 haha meghan you're so cute and funny!😹😹😹

  9. saphire sanctuary says

    I should have called it from the beginning..but..that's the price for naturally seeing..the best in everyone..💚

  10. Tydus Tarien says

    Live 5:00
    Gameplay 14:05 ~<3

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