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Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?


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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair – will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario’s mustache to Geralt’s manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!

*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  1. DrPepYT :P says

    He acts like corona is like Voldemort in Harry Potter lol

  2. Mystery Shoes says

    Ima say the word.

    (Yoshi) Virus! Dammit YouTube. Censorship is even in the comment section. :/

  3. lillie silverman says

    # matdaddy

  4. ItsAvaPlayz Gacha says

    I would disagree with the princess peach statement. I think Rosalina would be the best survivor because she can fly and lives on another planet is young and has no facial hair

  5. Hoka1 7 Hosh1 says

    #MatDaddy lol Jk

  6. Demetri Sciortino says

    I feel like Master Chief, (who is acttuly the player which is why when Master Chief takes their helmet off you cant see his/her face) Samus, or anyone else who has a metal suit covering ther whole body would have the best chance of surviving, but hey! Thats just a game theory!

  7. John Violette says

    Gamers AND MEMERS will end up being the master race. Memers help by staying inside and making memes.

  8. divora dawit says

    #Make Mattdaddy a trend
    I know I am cruel ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. not dodgy dude that is alive says

    Mario and Peach will surely survive. also, Mario is 24 or 25 years old, and he is always is wearing gloves too. He is also stretchable, meaning he and Peach will really live!

  10. billyplays says

    but i subscribed twice lol

  11. billyplays says


  12. billyplays says

    im hacker

  13. billyplays says

    hahahahahahahahha matdaddy

  14. billyplays says


  15. billyplays says

    yes matdaddy

  16. billyplays says
  17. billyplays says
  18. billyplays says

    link has the highest chance of survial


  19. ekalissa says

    Mat daddy

  20. Sega Tv says

    Ganondorf: pfttts corona? I can just get reborn

  21. Aircraft's Mata says

    Plz do an episode on shovel knight

  22. Jamie N Jennifer Langager says

    Matdaddy matdaddy matdaddy

  23. The Amethyst Swords says


  24. Landen Ho says


  25. Superboy510 H says
  26. Superboy510 H says
  27. Superboy510 H says
  28. Superboy510 H says
  29. Superboy510 H says
  30. Superboy510 H says
  31. Superboy510 H says
  32. Superboy510 H says
  33. Superboy510 H says
  34. Superboy510 H says
  35. Superboy510 H says
  36. Superboy510 H says
  37. Superboy510 H says
  38. ultralock w says

    Play DOS is technically a God to his immortal right so then how come he is supposed to die from this virus that is a no way real

  39. Ninjapuppet One says

    I like how they were foreshadowing food theory this far back

  40. Phantom 919 says

    In 2030
    Me just passing you: what up matdaddy

  41. Sowrd YT says
  42. Ishaan Ladda says

    # Make Matdaddy trend

  43. Anderson Shaffer says


  44. sunny cooky says

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