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Game Theory: Ellie Is NOT Immune! (The Last of Us Part 2)


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The Last of Us franchise is a story of humanity trying to survive in the face of a virus turning people into fungus creatures that are not quite zombies. We learn early on in the first game that Ellie is immune, perhaps even the only immune person there is. This makes her invaluable to those trying to find a cure. Except, I think she may not be immune. The second game shows a lot of evidence that something else may be going on with Ellie. Something that may tell us the future direction of this story and the future of Ellie. 

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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  1. RonRonVelron says

    How did the zombie that bit her became a zombie?

  2. mana says

    Then the zombie who attaqued her in the first place has also the right phugus? Or she already have the right phugus before the first zombie attaqued her ?

  3. GDBEAST 666 says


  4. Acerthorn says

    Immunosuppression … so basically aids?

  5. Tesla Dajira says

    Dude, you just said that she IS immune. Pendejo

  6. Armlovesk 900 says

    So the cure is Basically the wrong Cortecep

  7. RevrseWig567 says

    Oh yeah?? She isn't immune?? I watched this vid twice… I also watched the last of us 2… She got bit AGAIN.. you telling me the same cordycepes got her again??? I don't think so… You should have watched the last 30 mins

  8. Flash Chrome says

    That actually makes sense.

  9. Kristen Salia says

    Nice theory but in the last of us part 1 the fireflies said that her fungus was mutated

  10. Sbrikey #95 says

    Just like attack on titan

  11. Avengeful Gaming says

    Didn't Ellie have a friend who also got bitten by the same zombie and die?

  12. serynah212 says

    Great job, very insightful video, good job researching !!!

  13. Strigat 218 says

    Based on this theory and on how the "virus" (yes, we got it, not an actual virus) is transmitted through exchange of bodily fluids then anyone who was intimitely involved with Ellie should be infected with the "good" strain of fungi.

  14. sebastian navarro says

    matt, seriously? the clickbait spoils the audience. I have been avoiding spoilers about the game since its launch. I thought you would be more careful. I respect your work but it wasnt so hard to use a question as clickbait like the one you used for birdbox. unsubscribed after aprox 3 years.

  15. raphael_1254 says

    lemme guess, dormant?

  16. Hydrasteryx says

    So in summary: She is actually immune

  17. Falling_Rein says

    Having just seen the title and not having watched this video, im going to go ahead and say yeah she’s immune.

  18. nosuchpersonexisted says

    So she was infected by this strand of fungus before she was bitten? Like before the first game?

  19. Max Schreiber says

    This theory just blew my mind. If you check her MRI you can tell there's a specimen of the "good" strain of Cordyceps inside her brain, enough to study and create some kind of "vaccine" to pass it around and acquire immunity. Unfortunately, as the game implies, the factions running around are more dangerous and sadistic than the infected themselves, so what would be the point of finding a cure if the world as we know it has already ended.

  20. Manny Zooster says

    If this theory was true, why would she be the only one? Wouldn’t there be many others infected by the “good” fungus?

  21. Raphael Surisantos says

    Eebery one u

  22. one badmoto says

    She’s immune and will find Abby in third, joining the fireflies and sacrifice herself

  23. Draevan13 says

    But how would Ellie have been infected by this protective Cordyceps strain? Clearly the person who bit her had the bad strain. Would it have been before she was bitten?

  24. Joel Acevedo says

    Kinda wondering if her chart turned out that way because she was drowning prior to that scene.

  25. Croktor The Dragonborn says

    I mean I'll take Mattpats word over Druckman's "writting"

  26. Rafael Mayer says

    So The cure for Cordyceps is actually another Cordyceps… Wow.

  27. ChumKing2 says

    wait but mat pat Ellie gets bitten in the left behind DLC in the last of us 1 by a turned infected
    Edit: grammar correction

  28. Mathew Francis says

    I think the code at 0:27 is matpat's birthday

  29. tlofplup ilum says

    Um my guy if ellie has the other type of infection how come the runner that bit her didn't have and was infected like shouldn't the runner that bit her not been infected?????

  30. Bulba Saur says

    But she is immune lol

  31. foxy 48514 says

    Me: sees only on PlayStation on the cd box of the last of us

    Also me: play the game 60 fps 8k with my pc emulator

  32. Adam Dobry says

    Okay but don’t you think that every single hospital in the game would’ve tried antifungal medications? Highly unlikely. I like this theory but it seems unlikely that doctors in the game world didn’t try to use antifungal medications. Also there is a significant problem here. Cyclosporine actually INCREASES the likelihood of death from infection. This is due to the suppression it causes on the persons immune system. If the fungus produced something like fluconazole (effectively attacking itself – which is highly unlikely because it would cease to exist because it would wipe itself out) may offer a “treatment” for the “zombie” fungal spores. It’s interesting to try to put things together but it’s also important to realize that this is a game. Games are not supposed to be incredibly accurate to real life, and that’s why this game is so fun and interesting!

  33. Mickb16 Michael says

    Guys she's not immune she just can't get infected with the zombie virus


  34. BNG. BANG says

    I mean the dlc shows that she got infected from a zombie and still didn't get infected

  35. Mister Perry says

    Jesus Christ the fireflies are retarded in this game.

  36. TheFuriousH2O says

    SunLight Yellow Overdrive!!!!

  37. Shrey Gehlot says


  38. robmister2 says

    So how did she get infected by the OTHER strain of cordyceps????? HELP ME

  39. thetrue kingkay says

    wait i have a question y did elle's friend from the left behind dlc die bc if the theory is correct than the bites couldn't be what give her type of fungus

  40. FanofEverythingz says

    Me: playing my switch while playing this in the background.
    Mattpatt: are you actually watching? most people actually just listen
    What? How'd he know?

  41. White Raven says

    my question is, shouldn't she be able to infect people with this mutated cordyceps if she bites them?

  42. Nocturnal Toothbrush says

    Yeah that makes sense and all, but like… are we meant to believe that Ellie actually got infected by this other strain of Cordyceps BEFORE her and Riley got jumped? I guess so… Interesting.

  43. Gaming brothers says

    WHAT for a stupid theory is this

  44. Ahmed Husic says

    Im speechless

  45. No name Man sorry says

    She is immune dude

  46. RǾδɆ & ßeŁŁe says


  47. RC:1136 Darman says

    The coronavirus analogy holds more water than most know. There are a good number of people who are immune to Covid-19 after being infected by other coronaviruses, and they still test positive for Covid-19 because the test is nonspecific. I know, virus ≠ fungus, but the point stands.

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