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GAME DAY ROUTINE | how I prepare for D1 college soccer


In this video ya’ll will get to see what I do, what I eat, and how I mentally and physically prepare for a Division 1 college soccer game day


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1 Corinthians 15:58
“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”

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  1. Patrick Barry says

    Amazing video!

  2. B R O O K L Y N S P I N D L E says

    thank you for beating Texas. I hate Texas.

  3. Kai Rosser says

    your a girl so it’s easier for you

  4. Cedric Peters says

    Remember the time deestroying lost his d1 scholarship because he made videos about football.

  5. 10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge says

    isn't baylor a safety school

  6. M. 007 says

    Broke my ACL in one game ?

  7. BeastMaster 69 says

    Looking at going over seas and applying for some soccer scholarships over in America. Would you recommend it ?

  8. Κιμων Σιμιτσης says

    you must watch paok thessaloniki to learn playing soccer

  9. Ryan Tate says

    I have no idea how I found myself on one of your videos, but this one brought back great memories of playing soccer with my best friends for 15 years. Got me all jazzed up to play again!!! I just ordered new cleats too!! Keep killin’ it ladies, y’all are some gangstas!!!!

  10. Autumn says

    that iphone alarm really got my heart jumping

  11. Grace Swaby-Moore says

    Hey I recognise some scars on your knee….did you happen to have ACLR?? Im a professional dancer currently 6/7months post op

  12. Mykaela Beattie says

    I wish you put the whole game cause it was good I know im late

  13. Allister Clarke says

    you sound like alex morgan, like a lot like her

  14. Blue Jay says

    Girl your brows are fabulous~

  15. yappy greek says

    You are so pretty !

  16. Yeabsira S says

    is that a mazda cx3

  17. Emily Hager says

    Tell me why I saw a vid of a recording of Baylor and Texas after this….

  18. Amanda K says

    I LOVE your eyebrows

  19. Marty Koch says

    Hello Kylie! I have to tell u that I enjoy your videos. 2nd thing is that u are still beautiful even when u wake up. Take care of yourselves and I really luv to watch ladies sports.

  20. Kayla Draney says

    what were those things on your legs at 7:12

  21. unruly boss says

    She looks like sommer ray wtf bro she can be her sibling woah

  22. MissMarisa7Beauty says

    Her whole face makes me happy ugh she’s so pretty I cannot

  23. Adil Kabzhanov says

    Regan, marry me please.

  24. Axel Alvarado says

    i miss the soccer vlogs?

  25. HVSS says

    Anyone know what the black things on her legs are at 7:10?

  26. Amber Burbo says

    I drink a Celsius everyday- specially before games ? LOVE them!

  27. Deonza Simmons says

    Hi, this is the first video I have watched of yours and it was Amazing!!!! I play soccer for my high school and I was wondering what are some good tips and drills for getting better at soccer? Like what is a good routine I should start for the upcoming season?

  28. Corinne Jenkins says

    You sound so much like Alex Morgan.

  29. ale ramos says

    I love your eyebrows!!!!!

  30. Addy Anderson says

    I feel like she looks like Alex Morgan and Mallory Pugh mixed together! Pure beauty❤️

  31. Jenefer Clarke says

    You remind me of Alex Morgan.

  32. Barbara Melara says

    i gasped when i saw you, you are so pretty i wish i looked like you!

  33. Jeibo says

    I love it!!!! ♥

  34. Dwayne the croc Johnson says

    I love how the first time you showed your goalie I knew she was a goalie

  35. Sito says

    Is this Waco Texas?

  36. Sadie Dia says

    Why does she lowkey look like Addison rae

  37. Amy 2002 says

    Where is your sweater from the beginning of the video from? It’s so cute?

  38. Kacper Guss says

    FOOTBALL you stoopid <3

  39. Nicholas Leader says

    What position do you play?

  40. KidScipio says

    checked a couple vids; you look like a good player. D1 is pretty based

  41. Yash Shah says

    Wait who won? Dont leave us hanging, damnnnn.

  42. Tommy Dowling says

    Stunning girl. Fair play

  43. Benjamin Matthews says

    What the absolute f*ck
    are those thighs
    holy shit
    they huuuuuge
    I'm impressed :O

  44. Aine Haley says

    bruh college girls act exactly the same as high school girls i love it sm

  45. Aine Haley says

    am i the only one wondering wtf shes doing at 7:19??

  46. Colby Urbina says

    It’s it just me or dose she kinda look like sommer ray

  47. Emma Wrye says

    now this is a beautiful girl!!!

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