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Too much fun!
Check out the video we did for Andrew Hendersons Channel –

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About Calfreezy: I am a FIFA, football, and comedy YouTuber that brings consistent entertainment with my unique videos. Subscribe to up your FIFA game, see me pack the best Ultimate Team players, collab with some of my YouTube friends, and just mess around!

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  1. Annette Hendricks says


  2. Riley H says


  3. WiggyPlayz says

    Why does Andrew look like a buffed oli white

  4. Hassan Saleh says

    Andrew Henderson isn’t that the person that comments on every 433 Instagram post

  5. Erina Ismaili says

    messi is don't kill

  6. Rhys Gill says

    My friend is called Andrew Henderson
    His channel is ajl2020

  7. Heidi Jensen says

    You are so long in your face

  8. michelle chappell says

    @calfreezy your mate luck marmite nice jk its rank ahhhhhhhhhh

  9. WigiWigi Nooby says

    6:49 hat it gone in yet it went in :/

  10. katy audi says

    I no you you play with

  11. JJ 11 777 says

    Look at that guys hair line when he gets egged

  12. Ziad Shawky says

    Great job guys ?

  13. dark Dragon says

    Because of your face bad

  14. tazer clan1 says

    Sick were is that 0

  15. Random Videos says

    freeman com.

  16. Random Videos says


  17. Ajko Sadikaj says


  18. Salaudin Hussain says

    I am going to like this challenge because I want you to be messy

  19. jesse garon says

    I cant believe cal was where I live in crawley

  20. Fresh says

    When he said eggy bread it should be eggy head

  21. Charlotte Carless says

    What the heck

  22. ECHOEZ SHOTZ says

    I didn't mean to put that

  23. ECHOEZ SHOTZ says

    Why do you always leave my room to for a while

  24. San Rox says

    What skils of hnderson

  25. Motas Gaming says

    Its Edin Džeko?

  26. JK Tekkz says


  27. Turbo net says

    "that was eggcellet" lmao

  28. The King Plays says

    'Who knows why I do videos??' For dat ???

  29. Dulhen Kodippili says

    Good job andrew

  30. Dulhen Kodippili says

    Fuck you calffreezy

  31. Aimee Flint says

    #good Video

  32. T-Ray Gaming says

    cow that did touch

  33. burger poo says

    Ho s WITH you .

  34. Katie prawnsleylol says

    I fucking hate that player

  35. Chronic Wavy says

    I hate you hendoson

  36. Argie Salditos says

    00:50 song?

  37. marwan gamer yt says

    E13 is currently not allowed to use 5445

  38. Ben Grierson says

    Does your neck ever heart ?


    If you subscribe to me I'll sub to you back and turn on the bell comment when your done

  40. bay wilkinson says

    I love football

  41. Domen Mesko says


  42. Calvey says

    cal you try that

  43. Nicolas Skills says

    How do YOU do a intr-o

  44. Flamur Tahiri says

    f*** ???????????????????????????????????

  45. Rohan YT says

    Help me reach 100 subscribers❤?

  46. Jaroslav Zornjan says


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