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Forcing Trisha Paytas to Eat Healthy Like Me For 24 Hours!


Today I force Trisha Paytas to eat like me for 24 hours! ? Get a free 30 day trial of Audible by going to or Text JOEY to 500-500


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  1. Joey Graceffa says

    Should I do an EATING LIKE TRISHA PAYTAS video next??? ???

  2. Gigi :p says

    His teeth are brighter than my future

  3. Floo Wing says

    Eating healthy foods doesn’t mean you have a healthy diet ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ certain diets can restrict essential nutrients

  4. Leila Witherspoon says

    What milk do you use ?

  5. Deepful says

    Trisha: i'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time!

  6. Rory Flynn says

    it's very strictly fruits and vegetables

  7. Tiff says

    it was the "pubic hair" for me lmfaoooo

  8. Coco T says

    yah audibal has realy good books bbbuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt we thought that every credit we got like maybe every month was free but terns out you have to pay for credits

  9. m82s01l says

    Anyone else freaking out about them sharing plates? ?

  10. Frozen Sadness says

    Trisha: It looks like dog food!
    Then Trisha: I’m So ExItEd

  11. Agnes Aquino says

    Trisha should be.lucky to have best freinds diets her to be healthy

  12. Agnes Aquino says

    Fruits excellent for diets
    And sure she loss weight
    Looked younger and sexy
    Joey's good let your freinds loss weight

  13. Agnes Aquino says

    Joey you loss lot weight
    But looked younger more happy to alone with your freinds you dont need to
    Worry as long you happy.
    With freinds woman

  14. Agnes Aquino says

    Celery juice good for healthy body

  15. Wesley Lubian says

    Trisha Paytas “ It Taste Like Pubic Hair” 2020 – 2021

  16. Valentina Beydoun says

    joey: talks with his hands
    me: ! I never knew joey to be a hand talker

  17. potwhovian says

    Trisha seems so Happy here

  18. Monica Sollars says

    Joey should help me with my deit

  19. GalacticWolf says

    Cough cough cough she ruined the helena music videos cough cough

  20. Official.Yandel says


  21. Rachel says

    Trishaaa! I don't need to know about your medical concerns down there, unless we're going to be intimate and that will never ever happen. Maybe it's the using strange items as pleasure toys that's having a negative affect on your ph balance or something. Idk, I'm not a doctor and I dont know what you do, nor do I want to know. Honestly just clicked the video out of curiosity, hoping for some healthy eating tips from Joey.

  22. SEAN ARRIETA says

    Am i the only one who thinks old joey seems healthier than mew joey at least congrats at being skintea

  23. SEAN ARRIETA says

    Am i the only one who thinks old joey seems healthier than mew joey at least congrats at being skintea

  24. No Name says

    Im late but idfc, I would eat seaweed snacks and veggies but I can't eat seaweed cause I'm allergic to animals and plants in the ocean :<

  25. sumit kumar says

    Americans really don't know how to eat veggies. Anyone would be turned away by eating raw vegetables.

  26. Layla Delp says

    21:08 pause the video and take a screenshot of Trisha's face LMFAOOOOOOO

  27. Arty Girl 88 says

    You need protein! You can get it from vegetarian or vegan quorn foods aswell as meat.

  28. kinda layla says

    You sound like you have an eating disorder. Sincerely, I hope you’re doing mentally better since this video. It seems like you have a unhealthy view towards food bc this isn’t healthy.

  29. Virgo Aries says

    I can't believe these are two Tauruses. lol

  30. David Flynn says

    Omg Joey looks too skinny here

  31. Nicholas Windham says

    2 months before the break up ?

  32. Emma Regalado says

    Tf you mean no protein??

  33. fdpcompdm says

    and now she loves shushi lol

  34. wex rex says

    Calms down you liver? You are so full of it

  35. Joshua Potter says

    That gal has given herself a new face with foundation. It’s like an inch thick

  36. Gemma Crawford says

    "do you eat any protein?" "I'm not supposed to" WTF that's bs

  37. Nicole Rusnak says

    why don’t yall cook anything??

  38. Kevin Davila says

    I LIVE for how much people are calling YouTubers out these days. No more putting BS online, we have critical thinking now

  39. Malachi Braithwaite says

    the shade

  40. sumee says

    0:00 good day everyone

  41. ArcticWolf says

    Meanwhile me laying in my bed eating chocolate

  42. Kylani Bowman says


  43. •Galaxy• says

    I remember when you did minecraft I love you bro

  44. Parker Walter says

    on this episode of supersize vs superskinny

  45. Victoria Taras says

    Joey has been living in L.A for to long ? but in all serious, i am a bit concerned about his health. I’m not wanting to body shame or anything, I just feel like he has gotten obsessive with eliminating certain foods that are “unhealthy” I feel like he constantly worries about his daily calorie intake, which makes him stressed. Of course, there may be reasons why he eliminates things out of his diet and I don’t know how he feels or what he does throughout his day. In my opinion, I think he should gain a few pounds but if he feels happy and confident in his body, then that’s all that matters.

  46. angie renaud says

    my hot cheetos watching this: ???

  47. Anna Bonazzoli says

    If Trisha isn’t in the the season of Escape the night.. let me tell you, I will go CRAZYYY

  48. Maddie says

    you guys are eating vegetables and stuff while i just finished half a thing of pringles

  49. lily vuong says

    I love seaweed

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