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Football Superstars New Trailer HD


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  1. Norbi Balazs says


  2. marteens says

    the old fs 🙁

  3. Christine Obouzalie says

    Please make the world bigger again the world is now small why did you have to change it

  4. Christine Obouzalie says

    This is ridiculous the new version world is small and boring the old was good it had a better and a bigger and now they removed the bigger world

  5. Christine Obouzalie says

    This is ridiculous the new version world is small and boring the old was good it had a better and a bigger and now they removed the bigger world

  6. Jonathan Dolphin says

    i play this and this is so true THE BEST GAME EVER!

  7. Matt says


  8. bitofbeer says

    do you still play and is it worth playing???

  9. donald johnson says

    they call it football because the first football was made for the skin off of a pigs foot. soccer players pleez get it right

  10. MrTriibi says

    old World ROCKSS

  11. Whit'e Roses says

    i'm gonna try this game plus it's not sexist because in this video it's saying girls can play too 😀

  12. Pedro Oliveira says

    I just watched this video to see how the old world looked and now I'm wondering… Why the hell did they change it?

  13. 11mihai0980 says

    youre wrong,if youre new yea the guys dont pass to you in amauteur matches and some div 4 but later u will see like 99% of the people passing

  14. 11mihai0980 says

    1:41 it says become a footbal supertar this year….me:*looking at the date* oh shit

  15. constantin robert says

    Joc Footbal superstars si e aproape cel mai jmeker joc de footbal din lume

  16. Charlie Sakellariou says

    actually, it's called american football because it's derived from rugby which is for some reason technically called rugby football. I wonder if the people in the town of Rugby (in northern england) call that 'football'

  17. Quez Ingram says

    Why did they change how the area looks ?

  18. 5Sush0 says

    @MiguelMurciaGames wow…

  19. l3aby Skyn says

    the city is smallest as that

  20. Mikkel991 says

    Are there other places than the one world you start in? :b

  21. donttazemebro3434 says

    @13E12K It's so lame that European's came up with Soccer from Association Football.

    As a matter of fact, the reason America chose football as the name for the contact sport, was because of the split between rugby rules and soccer rules in Europe. Rugby players objected to the Association's rules, split, and made their own game known as Rugby. So Americans took that, As(soc)iation…
    Soccer. Football….Football, the contact sport known by most American's today.

  22. Spectro889 says

    @TheanimalDaveBatist1 Dude, this gameplay was tooken in 2009, SO ITS NOT NEW!!!!!

  23. KgMadMack says

    @13E12K Terminology FOOTBALL comes from the fact that the ball is the length of a FOOT.

  24. Spectro889 says


  25. Bogdan H. says

    This version dont exist anymore!

  26. Spectro889 says

    i got an different version to this, how do i get this version?

  27. ASEMPRONO says

    Football – the most popular sport.
    Why this game is not popular lol?

    (My nickname is Ruslaninho in FS)

  28. Vdogg2496 says

    @lol2k93 Trust me, the graphics are really bad but the game is really really fun!

  29. Zack iCE says

    @yarka17 sorry to say this but you might need a new video card. a video card is something that gives you the quality of gameplay (graphics) and football superstars is high quality even when you have it on low. sorry man 🙂

  30. lol2k93 says

    Great graphic, great idea. Reminds me a "little" bit of Sims.

  31. bevan185 says

    lol u cant choose ur position u just get randomly put in a position each match

  32. jgm1967 says

    does anyone know the song in this trailer?

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