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Football Manager 2021 | LIVERPOOL | #2 | KEEP IT MOVING! #FM21


Another episode!
People have been asking me to do this for YEARS, so here we go, a full highlighted version of my Twitch save with Liverpool.
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  1. Stephen Haworth says

    Id love to see a one season save where you have to play all players out of position!

  2. youmadethatforme1 says

    you really don't get xG do you…. xG in a single game is almost exclusively good for giving you context. Over a full season you can actually make something of it.

  3. Aw Swave says


  4. ItsChuckyy says

    Love this format keep them coming

  5. Coşkun Yaşar Sagdıc says

    Striker False 9

  6. Coşkun Yaşar Sagdıc says

    Depay false 9

  7. Coşkun Yaşar Sagdıc says

    Depay false 9

  8. Elie SEBBAN says

    Alisson as DLP… okay 😅

  9. Stiruz says

    If you want Thiago to do well you should probably play him as the DLP and actually train him as that role.

  10. James Hale says

    Ben, I think you have just exposed a broken mechanic that none of us have noticed for years 😂

  11. Matthew McFadyen says

    And here's me feeling bad about playing Sancho as an Inside Forward on the right wing because his rating drops half a star.

  12. hosto says


  13. Roomster says

    That near post goal by jota made no sense. No PL keeper is letting it in from that angle… FM please fix your keepers before the real release of the game. Also I thought that those ridiculous interference calls were removed. Seems they're still there, the guy was nowhere near blocking Adrian's vision.

  14. Callum Danks says

    I believe Ben may be descending into madness…

  15. G M says

    Only Ben would make a world class GK into a playmaker.. 🤷‍♂️

  16. That Bullions Show says

    Loving the catch up Ben as I've missed a couple of the streams over on Twitch 🙌

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