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FOOTBALL MANAGER 2020 TOUCH on iOS | First Look & Review of FM20 Touch / FMT20


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Football Manager 2020 Touch is out now on iOS and Android (and PC) and the Nintendo Switch soon. I haven’t played much FMT in recent years, so it’s time to get back on the horse and see how the tablet version compares to the PC version of Football Manager Touch 2020. This video is my first look, first impressions and a mini review of FM20 Touch (formerly FMT20) on the iPad Pro.

My first look at FM20 Touch on PC 👉

My first look at FM20 Mobile 👉

Check out this year’s Non-League to Legend 👉





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My PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 2TB Hard Drive

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  1. ElectricTTS Studios says

    I really want to get this but I’m holding out for fm touch 21

  2. Mathieu Relet says

    if you play FM TOUCH on a PC can you play on the same carreer on your IPAD with FM TOUCH ?

  3. Jeffrey Davis says

    Thank you for this, Kev.

  4. beans 81 says

    How do you get the tactical style preview when picking one? I just cannot find it anywhere now, as in it’ll play a video of the movements ect

  5. zeki Seid says

    I used to use Samsung S10+ and was using the football manager touch on my S10+ then i decided to switch iphone 11 pro and i cant find the app in the app store only football manager 2020 mobile is there.

  6. Duzny - Geya - Fock says

    So I'm guessing your player base is only the 3 nations you pick? So if I pick Scotland, England, & Spain the likes of Italy and Germany will be filled with fake players?

  7. sucksforyou 22 says

    might as well go for fm20 mobile it's cheaper and virtually the same

  8. Imarginacion 🇲🇽 Mx says

    Nice content!

  9. Riddick Saddy says

    Hi.After the end of 30 seasons in football manager touch 20 you need to start a career again? Or can you continue your career as a new manager?

  10. rman says

    What things are missing compared to mobile version?

  11. 흑백 says

    He is gamst

  12. Guga says

    How we can put real logos in fm2020?

  13. Alexander King says

    Thank you for this

  14. x says

    How do you sync the games?

  15. ghadzi murad says

    Is note 10+ compatible?

  16. R J says

    Never went to Uni.

  17. Yoni Caragay says

    I wish downloading the fm touch on ipad can also be downloaded on mac. it kinda sucks to be paying twice for different devices smh

  18. Yoni Caragay says

    Have played the 2019 mobile version, it was pretty decent for a newbie like me. I'm excited to try this more than the PC version since its so accessible to play on transit and around

  19. Faizal Salam says

    can football manager touch paly offline (on ipad) ??

  20. Marvin Li says

    Great help!

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