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Football Manager 2020 Starting Your First Save Game – Tips and Tricks | FM20 Gameplay


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The Football manager 2020 Beta is out now! I decided to do a video today covering starting a new save game in Football Manager and some tips and tricks to help you out, we cover database sizes, leagues to load, the new staff responsibilities and more!

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  1. ivica pavicic says

    i have a problem, i took a national team and when i wanna remove or add players, my properties dont quite work, i dont have full options, only four options and i was like wtf. i cant add nor remove, so does anyone know why, if i did something wrong? its the same when i take over a club, i dont have full options, how can i fix it?


    Bud do you have a video how to put the real badges and player faces into the game?

  3. Pierre Clasen says

    Hey bro how can i say my game when i will save my game in the biginning of the game it say it will not say my game what can i do

  4. Paul BUFC says

    Were you really born in Boston, Lincolnshire?

  5. Fluymer says

    Holland? Wow, that really disturbs me

  6. stephen moore says

    How do you get the badges and player faces? I’ve never played a football manager game before, but I’m thinking about changing that this year

  7. steve stevenson says

    The two saves i am interested in this time around are Bolton & Inter Miami

  8. Serginho de Viseu says

    How you got the logos? I've searched for some patches but can't download them.

  9. sameer gamez says

    Thanks bro

  10. Primož Sever says

    So I learned 0 from this video…. Nothing at all.. And I still have no idea what's happening in this game, pressing buttons and hoping for the best.

  11. Arq. Juan Esparza says

    I have a problem, I started playing 2020 beta, I saved my career but when I go out and load it I cant re enter to my saved game, does anibody else have the same problem?

  12. Mumongu Gaming says

    I have all England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal Leagues on. High Database and I have 4 and half star on my PC performance. You only have 2 and half stars, do you have something else slowing down your performance ? Plus I have 490,000 approx face pack installed, with Logos and kits

  13. Mumongu Gaming says

    Started with Nottm Forest for the BETA, then Chesterfield when full game launches

  14. Primm says

    Thank god i watched this before starting my lower league save #regens thanks mate

  15. karl eariss says

    Jack I cannot wait for park to the prem!!!

  16. David says

    If you dont load up countries like say Greece, Portugal and Italy among others, does that mean those countries don't get youth intakes?

  17. Gee Simpson says

    I've read on the SI forums that loading lots of players from nations instead of the league itself creates too many players for the amount of playable leagues available, which has a negative affect on the transfer market.

  18. nocrest says

    Doesn't view only deactivate transfer activities for this league? By e.g. setting Bundesliga to view only, German clubs won't make offers for your transfer listed players.

    Does adding additional players (e.g. from the top clubs) also replace them with regens e.g. 10 years down the road?

  19. James MacKay says

    How did u get club logos installed Jack?

  20. RANGERS1872 says

    Does anyone know if you can still set all your players lacking match sharpness to be available for the reserves?

  21. flying Aviator815 says

    Sorry but all the responsibility stuff is not new. Just reworked design.

  22. The Busby Babes says

    hey does anyone know if you can load faces, kits etc in the beta? its my first fm beta 😀

  23. Flowster1000 says

    What base CPU does you computer have?

  24. Ben Carter says

    Saving the game at that start point and using it as a base to begin all other saves effectively negates any variable PA for players in the database. I get that it's quicker but you're locking in all the youth prospects to a fixed potential for every game.

  25. Cameron Ashworth says

    Nice video Jack some good tips.

  26. Timmy Blom says

    I just load in all players and leagues.

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