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Football Manager 2020 Review – Does it suck? – FM20


Welcome to my review for Football Manager 2020. I go through a few of the main new features in the game, giving my thoughts on each one. I also talk a little about the future of FM20 and what I would like to see. make sure to give me your score in the comments below

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My Squad view – Search Loki Doki on the Steam workshop
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  1. Recca Hicamov says

    Plz give me crack of this game plz

  2. marocstars says

    I know all the simulation costs alot of work and resources.
    But you can't tell me they can't have a match engine like fifa 16 even if they are not a company like that.
    It's 2020 and we are still looking at ps2 match graphic

  3. Al ias says

    I just want UI to be like in old FM 11-12-13.. Not fan of this mobile ui bullshit >.<

  4. Zaeta ! says

    Haven't played FM since 2012, and this review doesn't really make me want to buy it this year.

  5. karl harvey says

    The defending movement looks terrible, i was always happy when they kept this kind of game simple, to me how the players move and react is huge, and they still look kinda sloppy at times giving away silly passes, saw a few silly goals in this video too, puts me off a bit

  6. Luiz Pimenta Chef Pimenta says

    bought the game good job 🙂

  7. Mikael Tang Højgaard says

    people should stop buying the game so they were forced to do a lot better .

  8. Mikael Tang Højgaard says

    stopped buying the game. playing fm14 and finding too many issues with offsides and not getting the goal due a wrong offside decesion. not getting the goal when the ball clearly was in the net and players perfoming too randomly . not worth buying anymore

  9. Gianpaolo Pazzini says

    they need to improve 3d game view.. it looks old… cmon 2020 and they still kee that 3d game engine from 2000?

  10. Kram Yden says

    Thanks for the video, wondering how that Feyenoord scarf ended up behind you? 😉

  11. Mindaugas Mazrimas says

    Can you manage whatever team you want or do you have to start low and work up?

  12. xeKoy says

    please burn that feyenoord scarf behind u ! sincerely, an ajax fan !

  13. Nick Leydorf says

    Great video!!! I haven't played FM in the last few years but I'm going to give it a go on your recommendation.

  14. Jay Echelon says

    Take a Shot every time he says stuff

  15. UKJon Law says

    Not bought fm since 2018 as l like to watch matchs but the 3d engine so poor l cant stand it. Wont ever buy another fm as they to lazy to upgrade match engine. For 2021 game they will say something like players have 2000 more animations on top of the 99999990 they have already suposedly put in every year they say this while we stuck with same rubbish 3d mode. Lost a fan and customer due to their laziness.

  16. Being Solo says

    Is there classic game mode?

  17. nunya2587 says

    Club vision is annoying if your team completely disregards reality. Atalanta finished 14th in the league and I took over and they immediately expected champions league football, they also requested to have the best youth system in the country but would reject my request to improve the facilities.

  18. gabe jr says

    10:51 right on time

  19. Daniel Evensen says

    Thanks for the video! You have convinced me to buy the new version.

  20. jed loveday says

    Loki dorki go on steam dowonload realistic weather mode

  21. Muhialdain Muhialdain says

    LOOOOL i am someone who jumped from FIFA to FM and let me tell you the first time i played it, GOD it was challenging to know where everything is, literally a maze. I still LOVE this game.

  22. Jason Kroon says

    Feyenoord Rotterdam Nice loki

  23. Ethan Rokicki says


  24. Philip Aaron says

    Love FM20, it is becoming so realistic and totally absorbing.

  25. Nik Fl says

    Who cares about the match engine (they surely don't)? We have now Loan Managers , Chief data analysts, code of conduct. These things improve the whole experience.

  26. Den Maskerade Daskaren says

    It amazes me they still give zero fucks about their engine. I stopped playing 2010, because i wanted SOME progress. Like you said, just look at the players running through each other. Just add some damn collision mechanic, do SOMETHING. How are they even getting away every year saying "We have improved the engine!" No major improvment has happened for 10 years wtf

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