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Football Manager 2019 – Best Wonderkids in the Future (FM19)


In this Football Manager 2019 video we take a look at the best Wonderkids in Football Manager 2019 ten years into a save game to see how they live up to their potential and become some of the world’s best players in FM19.

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Football Manager 2019 – Best Wonderkids in the Future (FM19)
Football Manager 2019 – Best Wonderkids in the Future (FM19)
Football Manager 2019 – Best Wonderkids in the Future (FM19)

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  1. Yuhao Zhu says

    Theo Hernandez the best LB in the game?????? How is he even close to Tierney?!

  2. Yuhao Zhu says

    I play Zaniolo as a BBM, and he usually gives me ~12 goals a season and 7.5 average rating. Unbelievable.

  3. Tyson Tubb says

    First time watching you in some time and I notice that Haland guy (12:10 in video), I've been following the U-20 World Cup in Poland and he's just scored 9 goals in a game as Norway won 12-0, how crazy that I've just seen this incredible game that will get him some World wide attention and FM has said he'll be a bit of a star ??

  4. David Stefanovic says

    No sign of Exequiel Palacios #1 on list for MC wonderkids… o.O

  5. Boi Boi says

    retrain vagnoman as a libero. You will not regret.

  6. Rayhunter says

    what a crap game. totally delusional.

  7. Tom Nf says

    Dembele looks really weak, but is bought several times for so much money. Unrealistic and it's kinda what makes the game boring.

  8. Cevher says

    Mbappé not wonderkid

  9. lee hong wei says

    subscribed because u are aliverpool fan

  10. Gennovense says

    how can i get this? I subscribed on Steam but nothing happened.

  11. Nicolás says

    so many english players, but when u look into reality no more than 2 world class, the rest are midly average

  12. subsystem101 says

    elite is higher than world class

  13. M S says

    Wonderkid is cheap.

  14. Aaron Gorton says

    lol them stats are nothing compared what you can get them to but yeah let ppl find out for themselves I hate these websites that show tactics and tips just completely ruins the games fun

  15. Aaron Gorton says

    you miussed a ton

  16. Aaron Gorton says

    meh my players bigger than this and more value not the same for everyones game

  17. Yh Maxmen says

    Based on my experience, player that are OP
    Fm 2014 = Adnan Janujaz
    Fm 2017 = Paulo Dybala
    Fm 2019 = ???

    Anyone got any idea

  18. Kieran Allen says

    How do you get the stats to show up yellow?

  19. Samuel Sklenár says

    What about Milan Skriniar? 23 y.o. and nearly the leader in Inter Milano

  20. Aiden Collins says

    England won the world cup in 2026

  21. Rui Martins says

    Cannot buy Paqueta anymore. Going to Milan in January. And its Vinicius, not Vicinius!

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