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FOGGY Passage With A Little Chetco History – Onboard Lifestyle ep.122


On this week’s episode of Onboard Lifestyle we explore the Chetco River as Emma gives us a history lesson. We make a foggy passage on our 435 catamaran SV basik to Crescent City and finish the day with another fantastic meal prepared by LInh. Come back next week for another interesting video…see you then!

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  1. Ros Kahuna says

    I LOVE Banh mi!! and with that style Pork hmmmmmm Y'know with this one covering sailing through fog, you always hear about the old seafarer days with sailing in the fog, trying not to hit the rocks and relying on lighthouses and foghorns. It's not all sunshine and calm waves, after a storm the fog can be most treacherous! Thanks for the video!!

  2. Edward Villarreal says

    I thought I had seen all your videos, but I seem to have missed the one where you put in port lights. The most shocking thing was how much Emma has grown in two years.

  3. John Davis says

    Sure glad you guys got out of Oregon before all the craziness happened!

  4. tuberterry1 says

    Always a great show. Keep up the good work.

  5. Rod Buster says

    I am in Eureka, going to hit the false Cape on Wed for some bottom fishing. BTW, in the fog there is no color other what you have with you, super bland monotone.. It does make for good naps.

  6. midgoog2 says

    Bahn Mi THE BEST lunch EVER.
    Have you tried some Liverwurst spread on the roll? I particularly like roast pork (crackling mandatory) with some sweet chilli sauce.
    I agree the roll has to be right. It must be light and airy inside and have a crisp outside crust.
    Although not strictly correct there is a place here in Adelaide, South OZ that sells a version with Butter Chicken as the filling on top of the salad, coupled with a bubble tea or Vietnamese coffee and I'm in heaven.
    Stay safe you are entering the lion's den Covid wise.
    Cheers Eric

  7. marie mosier says

    Live on my yacht sailing vessel private property in Miami

  8. marie mosier says

    I've watched every episode even when you had your trimaran I think you should have a cooking show the food is unbelievable

  9. Will Scarlet says

    You should check out the “SAILING into FREEDOM” channel!!

  10. Edward Grant says

    Finally I get to say "Welcome to my Home state of California" kids! I'm hoping for much better weather for you as you travel further South. The only bad part of your entering my state is that I may not be home when you make it down to the San Diego harbor! We are planing a road trip back to Kentucky for our grand daughters 12th. Birthday during your visit here! The pandemic has messed with so many things in the world that being able travel at will has almost become impossible. We hope to be back home by mid September and perhaps you'll still be around.

  11. Chuck G says

    Compass says good dinghy ride. Emma excellent. Now Linh, we need to talk. Here it is dinner time and you do another absolutely splendid meal prep and what do I get? Stomach growls!

  12. El Matador says

    Captain Linh looking amazing, as always.

  13. Paul Beauchemin says

    Hope you’re going to visit the giant redwoods near Crescent City!

  14. Webhead USA says

    OMG Linh, I haven't had bread in four months. And you guys were eating the sandwiches like Ive seen on TV people eating Philly Cheese with the cheese dripping all over the sidewalk. I'll be walking into the kitchen later wondering where is my sandwich? This time til next time… :¬) Webhead USA

  15. Tigersmundo says

    Teal the quality of workmanship SV bāsik is TOP NOTCH along with the lady's you surround yourself with!

  16. Peter Lamere says

    I don't know if you would invite me back for dinner, I could have eaten three of those fabulous sandwiches.. You'd be like..Won't be inviting Pete back anytime soon..He cleaned out our fridge.. Excellent Progress, that is one heavy duty marina.. Thanks

  17. Zip doodah says

    Can you detail your docking and getting underway checklists and procedures? Love to see how you handle boat handling in confined spaces and use your crew to best advantage while keeping your boat and other's safe.

  18. thereissomecoolstuff says

    It's going to get good… Fingers crossed for a smooth pass around Cape M. It's truly wild…

  19. michael d says

    So spoiled with a Chef!

  20. Life On The Hulls says

    Great Episode Team, amazing to see you underway, stay safe and healthy over there. Cheers Ross

  21. Al A says

    Super your having safe journey by sail and staying healthy.
    California here we come and arrival !!!!!!!!!
    Set off a flare …on second thought "no do not do that" .
    To make the occasion set off a Roman candle ( fireworks. ) on second thought " no do not do that"
    Coastguard / other boaters just may think it's a flare & a boater needs assistance.
    To mark the happy occasion of arriving to Cali ….eat some of Linh's cooking / glass of wine !!!
    Everyone looks happy ! Take care and another interesting vid. Interesting life , makes for interesting vid.
    And "yes" that dock….built to last.

  22. Simon Hantler says

    lots of advertising this time, not sure why. do you use radar in fog?

  23. servicarrider says

    Gastronomical adventures with Lihn. I may be half Croatian / half Norwegian but I have ate my fair share of Banh Mi sandwiches. Vietnamese iced coffee is another worthwhile legacy of French oppression.

  24. servicarrider says

    Teal, any plans for an interior or otherwise weather protected helm?

  25. Scot Bownes says


  26. Erik Owren says

    Any plans for radar?

  27. George Emeny says

    That's the first time I ever hear a sailor?boater say they liked fog!?

  28. Deon Brunette says

    Well done Emma

  29. Michael C. says

    Welcome to California! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Mark Mateljan says

    Thanks again, always a joy to accompany you though from afar. ( I come from a land down under )

  31. Paul Beebe says

    My biggest surprise on my first visit to Vietnam was BAGUETTES WERE EVERYWHERE….and red wine too. My Fav Banh Mi is the Pate' version…

  32. Debra Livingston says

    Good segment. Can't wait to see Emma fishing, hope she catches a big one.

  33. Richard Chasse says

    Absolutely F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. !!! All the fog reminds me of sailing in New England and Canada !! Just like where you guys are, one has to keep a good eye on the charts and surroundings !! Thanks for the memories. ?

  34. Charles C. says

    Time to check your trolling gear, I would think there could be albacore off of shelter cove area this time of year , Youll be getting down there soon, I would run about 10 miles off the coast and keep your eyes open for bird activity or fishing boats to get you in the right area. Make shure you have a gaff and a bat or club because the tuna will make a mess of your boat.

  35. Mike Dean says

    Whats been the average dock fee per night coming down?

  36. Kimberly Shalaby says

    It goes to fast! I love your video! I liked hearing about the Chetko people. It was sad they were run off their land. Sadly it still goes on today, we just don't hear about it. The fog is kind of eerie. It looks like someone took a little cotton puff pulled it apart & tuck it into the valleys, between the trees, along the river in the mornings here in Grayson County Virginia. Neat! Here, the old timers believed how many heavy fogs we had in August, determined how many bad winter storms we would get over Winter. Have fun fishing.

  37. Big D says

    Well Emma is getting a great education! Fog means no wind, and the food looks

  38. Trev Hedges says

    Thanks guys

  39. P Hof says

    Nice job Emma of presenting some history. History is important.

  40. Dennis Nagel says

    So looking forward to watching and hearing Emma's fishing stories !!!

  41. Tim Miller says

    Always happy to see your video pop up! So nice to see Emma learning the history of this land. It's so sad to know how the Indians were treated. Thanks for the lesson Emma. We love and value our Indian heritage! Glad you guys are making headway and Emma gets to go fishing!

  42. Navarre says

    Another great episode! Just a quick note: The overall volume of your videos is consistently, noticeably quieter than any other channels I watch. fyi.

  43. John Malloy says

    Enjoy a great weekend!

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