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FNAF SISTER LOCATION RAP by JT Music – "You Belong Here"


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Here’s our long awaited rap to FNAF Sister Location! So where do you think FNAF Sister Location Ranks among the FNAF games?

Female Vocals by Andrea Storm Kaden ▶

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  1. JT Music says

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    Skull and Pat

  2. Natalia cano says

    eggs Benedict is a funny name for a animatronic

  3. PeePo says

    Names is eggs Benedict 😀

  4. Lynn Perez says

    Person: remember the crew
    Mike: yEs I dO
    Person: foxy bonny freddy to!
    Chica: uhhh I'm here to ya know

  5. kenneth beaver says

    The song: remember the crew yes i do fpxy freddy bonnie to. Me: what about chica 🙁

  6. Little_Killer Clown says

    for everyone who was annoyed about chica it's because it wouldn't go good wit the rhyme if you did 4-
    had unit: remember the crew
    Eggs: yes I do UwU foxy, bonnie freddy too!
    Chica: So you don't remember the crew after all, eh? >:c

  7. Little_Killer Clown says

    2:39 continue writing the lyrics!

  8. khelly Margate says

    Ennard-burn spaghetti

  9. Xx_Siren Playz_xX says

    Why Am I Proud Of My 10 Year Old Self When Im Singing The Eggs Benidict Part❔

  10. Nø näpewnő says

    Soo thats right that the elizabeth is real
    JT Music
    JT Music
    JT Music
    I know im not gonna be pined

  11. powerpossu08 says

    I'm not shoking them like their shoking me.dammmn thats The best part of the song

  12. malkuori •–• says

    i fell in love with his voice

  13. mike lewis says

    Ok how can this guy breathe?

  14. BONK! says

    5.4k likes, let’s fix that with a controlled shock
    Oh yeah forgot, Sly Reborn if you see this, hi

  15. Eden Schroeder says

    “Give me more than exotic butters”
    Me and probably Burnt Spaghetti: O F F E N D E D

  16. {Harmony_Afton} says

    For some reason I imagine William crying in the corner saying: what kinda kids do I own one is a clown a big ass bear, one with s robot living inside of them-

  17. •Pxstel• says

    "My names eggs Benedict but I won't be working the breakfast shift"
    Ennard got too hungry that he scooped his eggs for breakfast

  18. Emily Thomas says

    I loved it it’s so awesome I’ve been hearing it on gacha life so i really wanted to hear it and now here I am loving it

  19. Nayray Brown says

    Me listening to it 200,000 times :3

  20. Čøțťøñ Kąwãìï_ Íďî0țș says

    Voice:remember the crew? Yes u do foxy, Bonnie freddy too!
    Chica:am I a joke to you ?️??️

  21. alli4020 alli4020 says

    ;w; i love this song 😀

  22. Adalynn & Crew K says


  23. Winter- wolf says

    Be great song for the game kindergarten for the protagonist

  24. foxyzoeirokk Kk says

    hi JT music could you give me the download of this audio so I can listen because I tried to download it but I can't

  25. Katies World says

    My name is Eggs
    Ennard : :>

  26. 『 ᴋ a s u ᴋ i_editz 』ッ says


  27. _.dumb_idiot. _ says

    Am I the only one who searched "my name is eggs"-

  28. Mochi ze Panda says

    My name is Eggs Benedict’s.

  29. BreAnna Atkins says

    Ennard : Remember the Crew?
    Micheal : Yes I do! Foxy , Bonnie , Freddy too!
    Chica : AM I A JOKE U BISS?!?

  30. Beast Bendy says

    Ft. Freddy kill the night guard if you want

  31. NALA ROXY ;-; says

    Me just like : "Computer voice exe turn on " remember the crew ? "Normal voice exe turn on " yes i do foxy bonnie freddy to * realises* oh sh*t where is chica ? Now i have nightmares of her killing me over and over again?

  32. Hiroshi Flores says


  33. ♤◇♡Molly the Gacha~Snail♡◇♤ says
  34. ꧁Lea꧂ says

    “ shock them for a little motivation! “
    What I hear: “ Shock that f….er for a little motivation! “


  35. Jazmin Soria says

    I love this song❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. kelly walsh says

    shocked on how awsome this was even the voices yeah WOW WOW WOW ALL MY WAY TO HELL BRUH

  37. Aireen de Ocampo says

    0:29 i came here for the "my name is eggs Benedict"

  38. NEON TEAM GACHA says


  39. Elizabeth afton says


  40. Esha Choudhury says

    ????????? ?? ??????? ????? ???? ?? ○•○

  41. Míša T. says

    Pls guys!can someone say me what this song what id to roblox have this song?? Pls!!! Say me it!????

  42. BreAnna Atkins says



  43. BreAnna Atkins says


  44. TheFrickin Potato says
  45. Nina Ysabelle says

    Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy to.
    Me: oh my guh. Freddy has gone insane!!!!

  46. Remi_ Afton says

    How can no one like this it’s so good

  47. Tani Kitten Plays says

    Just a little something I made
    "Remember the crew?"
    "yes I do"
    "Foxy Bonnie Freddy too!"
    "but who the heck is chica"
    Chica:I'm a joke.

  48. Dave Wilson says


  49. gacha shortie says

    This is so catchy!

  50. Elizabeth Aftonツ says

    I love this song oof

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