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FNAF 6 Song by JT Music – "Now Hiring at Freddy's" (Live Action Music Video)


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Phil has hit rock bottom. When things seem bleakest an opportunity at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria presents itself that is too good to pass up…but did he really have a choice?

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FNAF 6 Song by JT Music – “Now Hiring at Freddy’s” (Live Action Music Video)

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  1. broitsrachell says

    Everything about this is amazing

  2. Tommy Hale - GT Railroad Videos says


  3. Tommy Hale - GT Railroad Videos says

    i seen a andamated of this song before… me: sees the fake crap chuck e cheese: THE CRAP?!?! JT MUsic makes a new songs

  4. anonoahmous Arnold says

    This guy ain't the boss so the person who buys the place doesn't realy have to listen to him

  5. Heather Pinkard Weaver Matthews says

    Plz just don’t get us sued

  6. mamboo isnabera says


  7. RookyAttendant 1 says

    Does this mean that I’m going to get sued? That’s was a joke. I was acting like a fnaf character!

  8. Frownface v2 says

    Wait that was made in 1918!!!

  9. Orin Duncan says

    I love 5 nights at Freddy's I do wanna job so give me a job please

  10. Granny glitches says


  11. Avenging Beyblade Bros says

    This is funny

  12. Diesel the dog says

    Wait I thought he was the manager why is he taking that dudes orders

  13. Huy Nguyễn Xuân says

    so reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,but where is scraptrap,srcapbaby,lefty nad molten freddy?

  14. ValentinoThe MothDemon says

    anyone else gonna actually have nightmares about this and fnaf now?

  15. The Holy Potato says

    “Keep a solid distance, that’s solid advice”
    CDC? Is that you?

  16. Paul Timmins says

    I hate you I really hate you I'm a kid?

  17. Butter Beanz says

    i like the blood and he likes killing
    and i just want to kill my mum

  18. Araceli Ortega says

    Omg ok

  19. SlaterReactsHD says

    Everyone:this is a good song!

    Seriously tho this is a good song.

  20. Lynessia Jordon says

    CLAP I love that.

  21. Laoshi Sherly says


  22. The Epic Gamer423 says

    Why does he remind me of Beetlejuice…

  23. Zed Star says

    will smith

  24. Gacha Girl says

    Uhh is it me but it starting to be real bc of Chuck E. Cheese of missing kids?? any way come on down to Freddy’s!

  25. Jesenya Ramos says


  26. Tiffany Melvin says

    Can you stop

  27. Cousin Weekly says

    This was so Beautiful

  28. Alexandria Acosta says

    Kill kill kill kill kill the children kill kill kill kill that is what William Afton was made for and then got spring locked into a spring suit then died

  29. Lyn Currie says

    this song makes me want to kill myself not because i hate it its because its so dang depressing and half the time there not even singing
    your FNAF song used to be great now look at you

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