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FM21 Manchester United – Episode 12: Champions League Final | Football Manager 2021 Let's Play


Season 1 of our Manchester United Football Manager 2021 let’s play concludes today with 1 huge final!
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FM21 Manchester United – Episode 12: Champions League Final | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 12: Champions League Final | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play
FM21 Manchester United – Episode 12: Champions League Final | Football Manager 2021 Let’s Play

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  1. Swedething says

    Tow Law is ´the´ best gameplayseries on the tube! As stated earlier. If You want a challenge, Norway, Sweden or Finland!

  2. Carl Creed says

    Of course it will be easy if you start with Man Utd. Start unemployed or start with a club like Wolves. Would you have won the premiership then? I think not…
    It a little irritating whenever i hear people say it’s too easier but start the game with a Man City or a Liverpool 🙄

  3. Richard Hanley says

    Are you using a different skin than the standard one?

  4. Adam Warner says

    I seem to remember you saying you were going to do a Pentagon Challenge this year?

  5. Sam Carpenter says

    Could you do a similar Gibraltar apex type save but in Asia with the goal of winning the club World Cup and World Cup ?


    I'm looking for a football managerial game and was wondering if this game is really worth it 🤷‍♂️
    Between FM21 and the latest Fifa game, where you [play as manager< which would you all recommend? I am aware that in Fifa you can play the matches, but other than that which should i get?

  7. Fritz Guldenpfennig says

    Ya I would ay the BETA has been easy, my Barcelona save hardly feels like its in charge of a club in crisis

  8. Tevo Christmann says

    I guess you, uh, completed it mate

  9. yash kadam says

    Jack just forgot he can make 5 subs in champions league

  10. fanny meilnata says

    no tactical jenius?

  11. Daniel Quinn says

    About time a Youtuber finally does Team Talks properly. Most just skip through it. So easy to motivate players this fm

  12. Chris Brown says

    Seaside towns only

  13. Logan Z says

    Too hard? I must have a different game than you, this year I've done a lot worse than last year with similar levels. I have a team I thought would roll the league and I'm struggling in 6th. Plus, no one has money, so I can't sell players in January to buy a better one. 🙁

  14. Jack Howard says

    hey do you know why my fm21 logo mod is glitching? what happens is it shows everything okay but on the english normal logos they do not appear but the english small and every other small and normal logos show. i did just put the man u logo in myself could that be the problem?

  15. Rob Simpson says

    Cheers Jack. hopefully the real ManU never has another season like this :).. I've found the beta is a lot easier at the top level clubs/divisions, but the lower leagues are a bit more challenging (good luck tuning that, SI!). looking forward to PtoP.

  16. Enid Taric says

    Playing overlap doesn't mean that your full backs are going to overlap.
    If you pay attention to the role instructions wing backs are getting further forward naturally, playing overlap just makes the players wait and slows down the attacks. Thank me later.
    P.s love the work you do, all the best!

  17. Peter K says

    Navas clearly hadn't worked out the bottom left strategy

  18. Ethan Auliar says

    on my save neymar left on a free

  19. El Presedente says

    Jackovision returns! That’s a result.

  20. Roomster says

    Will you do a "normal" club playthrough like you did with Lyon a couple years back? Me personally Im not a huge fan of starting in lower leagues and would look forward to content from bigger clubs.

  21. jonny griffiths says

    Stupid toxic comments. I think you look handsome jack 😉

  22. George Sunderland says

    please stay at one club for park to prem please i beg

  23. Stiruz says

    Yeah, you've pretty much completed the save already. Looking forward to Park to Prem! 😀

  24. Christopher Gregory says

    I would like the long term save in Spain this time. See if you can bring a lower league team to beat Barca and both Madrid teams

  25. Tambo says

    Jack no idea if this is viable, but what if you help promote world peace through football? Only international players you can sign are American and North Korean. Don't know if it is possible, but I wonder if limiting your international signings to one or 2 random countries would make things interesting. Keep up the great work!

  26. Matt Brame says

    I'd love to see you start with Merthyr Town and climb the English League whilst developing Welsh players for the national team at some point

  27. Patrick Tuaño says

    will you do another "lyon live" type save?

  28. Dean Williams says

    I would like to see you do a save where you start in one city and have a final destination city where you want to get to and have to take different jobs along the route to get there.
    e.g. start in the north of England and finish in the south, so you could begin at Tow Law and end up at any of the big clubs in London. Depending which exact route you go down, you could take jobs in Darlington, York, Rotherham, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Northampton, Luton, etc before London.
    Up to you on the rules you have to follow but maybe if a job comes up on your selected route and that team is at least at the same level as your current club then you have to apply for it.
    That would certainly avoid you being stuck at one club like last year

  29. Dean Williams says

    26:25 you said the same thing in FM20, you weren't going to stick with one club then either and look what happened

  30. 100ttben says

    I only won the Premier league by 1 point and won the fa Cup so you've done a lot better than my season at united

  31. Dean Williams says

    22:05 same old Man U, always cheating 😏

  32. Paul Johnson says

    Definitely do a road to glory series Jack, Tow Law was the best FM series I've watched on YouTube 👏🏻

  33. Ben G says

    I’m disappointed Jack. Where’s the suit? 😂

  34. HeresJohnny says

    Is the Pentagon challenge not going to happen?

  35. The Dude says

    It would be cool if every year going forward you would do one Tow Low save, like a new tradition. Especially since you're their sponsor!

  36. Rfs 103181 says

    My grandma said pumping your fists makes you go blind. Philosophical difference I guess.

  37. Michael Carson says

    Is there any fan clubs that were formed after the main club went out of business or had a take over etc, like FC United. But take that new team to glory to overtake the original team and higher.

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