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FM20 Cheap Wonderkids | Best Football Manager 2020 Cheap Wonderkids (Winter Update)


Some of the best FM20 Cheap Wonderkids. How many of these Football Manager 2020 Cheap Wonderkids do you know?

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  1. Gareth Lawrence says

    Question, I’ve started with all attributes at 1, but my adaptability hasn’t rose at all, I’ve read in a few places that it will never change, is that true?

  2. Ahmad Alshammari says

    Sergio Gomez

  3. Football Manager Lab says

    Great content! Some very good potential players there will keep an eye on them.

  4. Lei Jason says

    any young defender suggestion?

  5. Milly Mahinra says

    What is the cost of Saka in FM

  6. Ryan McN says

    Thanks for new wonder kids. I’ve got a few questions to ask. When you start a new save how many leagues do you load into the save? Also could you do a video on how to find the best staff in scouting and coaching?

  7. Will Broadbent says

    Can anyone explain why all these players are like 15mil for me?

  8. Tom Dobbin says

    Young wonderkid goalkeeper farinez

  9. bobi7 tanevski says

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  10. Matt Boyce says

    How is Adam Hlozek for 55k not in this list, on my Birmingham save now 18 and worth 25m if I sold him to a Liverpool or Man City would be 65m-75m easy!

  11. Mr McGinniesta says

    Young wonderkid goalkeeper. Spaniard who plays for Villa. Pepe Reina

  12. Arklands says

    at least 5 players from previous video's do you even keep track of who you have covered?
    Very bad content creation if you just repeat the same info on a new video 🙁

  13. G.O. A.T says

    In my save everyone want 40 milions in the first years for this players lol

  14. Phickle Sports says

    Damn this video makes me want to hoard all these wonderkids and fire sale lots of senior players. I would inevitably struggle massively but it would be worth it!!!

  15. TheSealDribble says


  16. Mike Howlett says

    Has anyone bought Serrano? With Teamwork of 2 it wouldn't really matter if he had passing of 20, he still would never pass ??

  17. Joe Ramsden says

    Best players I have found

    Wuilker Farinez. On loan for 5 months. Around 200k per month for 1 mil all together then a 1k future fee ?
    Others Ivan Martinez, Manuel Gasparini, Dani Martin

    Left Back/ wing back
    Rayan Ait Nouri. About 7/8 mil spread out.

    Others Pelayo Morilla retrained

    Right back/ wing back

    Exequiel Palacios. 4mil and 4mil gets a Work permit. Retrain

    Others. Jude Bellingham 1.8m + 1.8m, Man City normally come in early or Guga on loan with 6mil optional future fee

    Centre backs
    Jerome Onguene. Loan for 5 months with future fee of around 500k. Cost a mil a month so 5 mil ish of your transfer budget.

    Others. Nicolò Armini, Nehuén Pérez has a 13mil release clause, Marco Senesi has a 9.5 mil release clause

    Sandro Tonali. Loan for 5 months with a 7mil monthly fee, 1k release clause, Florentino Luís is about 8mil per month so 35 and 40 mil respectively.

    Bruno Guimaraes can be got for 5mil up front 8mil spread out and 5 mil if he plays 50 games. Won’t come to the championship though. Thiago Almada needs 4mil and 4mil spread out to get a Work Permit. Got him in January with Leeds.

    Josh Zirkzee loan with 5mil future fee
    Haaland 13mil, 13mil spread and 13 mil if plays 50 games

    Fabio silva and Seb Esposito are around 25 mil if you spread initial cost, monthly cost and cash after 50 games

    Arezo is good but doesn’t get a Work permit
    Rayan Cherki can be got for 1mil if you bid straight away ??

  18. ducnehc says

    a little tip: you only need to remove and exclude one of the percentages of next sale, and the other one will automatically do the same

  19. Folactics says

    Unuvar ?

  20. Eren Günay says

    Naci Ünüvar ??

  21. Psycho dude 164 says

    Ivamban Offer ?




    And vice versa within 10 minutes

     100% guaranteed ??

    (especially football)

  22. Dr3wYT says

    Great video, I’m looking for young players with potential for Man U. What about Mejbri, Angel Gomes ?

  23. George Green says

    Unuvar has 1 determination for me …

  24. Craig Jones says

    Naci Unuvar
    – IW (L) – Ajax
    – F9, AF – FLA
    Arnor Sigurdsson – SS
    – CSKA Moscow
    Thiago Almada
    – AP – Velez
    – IW (R) – Real Betis
    Agustin Almendra – DLP – Boca
    Florent Da Silva
    – AP – Lyon
    Pelayo Morilla
    – W (L) – Gijon
    Nico Serrano
    – Winger (L) – A.Bilbao
    Degnand Wilfreid Gnonto – AF
    – Inter

  25. Ajay Joseph says

    I won the Premier League and Europa League double(w/ Man Utd) in my first time of playing football manager. Does that make me a brilliant manager or is the game that easy?

  26. Shaun Castle says

    Almada is special.

  27. Hugo says

    have you seen yusuf demir? he's a striker for rapid viena and seems to always be a beast in all my saves and i have never had him in my club so he develops really well by his own.

  28. Arturo Bandini says

    Here's my Almada: https://imgur.com/YAGQXGB

  29. Football Fumb says

    Good Video Jamie, how do you get around the work permit for say Champ Teams?, thx

  30. JMT89 says

    I've just got to January 2023 and Rober is class for me but that was with the original database and I've had him since the 1st transfer window

  31. Oscar Anzola-Schnell says

    Missing Matias Arezo

  32. Tomas Tamasauskas says

    Why there is no Damary in my game?

  33. Big Bob says

    Another great video Jamie!

  34. Fernando Mendes says

    Very nice video, i think i would add Andre Almeida from Vitoria de Guimarães bought for my Leipzig save and he's doing bits alongside Dani Olmo.

  35. Ilham Nandana says

    nice video, first comment btw 🙂

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