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First Time in CALGARY! 🇨🇦 Calgary, Alberta Travel Vlog


Welcome to Calgary, Alberta… could this be Canada’s most underrated city?
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I was invited by Calgary Tourism and Travel Alberta to take part in Creator House Calgary. All opinions and commentary are my own.

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As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!

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  1. The New Travel says

    Question of the Day: What's the most recent city or country YOU have travelled to?

  2. yt abc says


  3. The Army Train says

    CP 4104 Would Love To Meet You

  4. The Army Train says

    I Was Born in Calgary AB

  5. audiodub says

    Love this travel vlog! The Devonian Gardens look so beautiful! Amazing to see it's in a shopping mall!

  6. mestreinsolito says

    I'm Brazilian and I've been to Calgary (2015), it's an amazing city. I strongly recommend anyone to visit it!

  7. Max Lepa says

    The Peace Bridge is not Inglewood! Inglewood is east of downtown.

  8. Riley says

    Calgary: the most boring city in the world

  9. moms little princess says

    I live in Calgary

  10. A X says

    Hi. Do you prefer Alberta or British Columbia?

  11. Ro Ro says

    I’ve lived in Calgary my whole life and honestly it’s never this interesting

  12. Jaymar Johnson says

    Guys is Calgary a nice place to live and work? Moving to Canada soon and I need local opinion

  13. s.u.n. t.a.n says

    Should have gotten an exterior view of the central library, it’s really cool too.

  14. Ed Allen says

    It looks deserted.

  15. r mars says

    Calgary is disgusting

  16. Marcus Bailey says

    How many days would you recommend I book for a trip to Calgary if I want to get the full experience?

  17. abel lopez says

    Canada is awesome.

  18. Audrey T says

    I live in calgary

  19. Gomgom Pasaribu says

    "Calgary is the best!"

  20. Gomgom Pasaribu says

    "We love Calgary so much!"

  21. SuperWulfDude says

    You missed it but go again parade season its amazing trust me.

  22. Yoongle's Coffee says

    Lmao it's so weird to see him here, it's so abnormal to see YouTubers in my city

  23. HamadCa says

    i miss Calgary so much i been there i and this vlog makes me member my golden days .. oh Canada love you so much!

  24. onetime Pride says
  25. Duluf Boy says

    Who watching this video in Calgary 🤔😛

  26. Foodforthought says

    Any black people there?

  27. Hayden Dahlsjo says

    I live in Red Deer and ive travlled to Germany,France,America,Russia, and The Netherlands

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