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First RV Roadtrip!! | Day 1 | Travel | Stone Mountain Laser Show | Family Vlog


Our first RV road trip!! From south Florida to Georgia and Tennessee! Join us on our first day of travel and the Stone Mountain Laser Show!

Welcome to Meandering Together! We’re a family of 5 vlogging our everyday moments as we meander through this life together wherever it may take us.


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  1. It's Me Courtney says

    Great video! I'm a youtuber also so I'm always happy to find someone else who make great videos. Turning on notification so I can follow along. Check out my page and follow along if you want!

  2. Our Fire Life says

    Thank goodness for iPads on long road trips. Helps a little bit with the inevitable “I’m bored” from setting in. Lol

  3. Triple W Adventures says

    Great video. We have stayed at Stone Mountain several times and love it. Actually stayed 2 spots from where you are. We only live about 2 hours north of Atlanta. Have fun and be safe.

  4. Matthew Roesener says

    It was fun seeing you all and the show was long. Our kiddos made it but fell asleep on the way home as well.

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