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First Chinese-sponsored agriculture training held in Nigeria


A Chinese multinational group of companies this week kicked off a capacity building training for Nigerian agricultural technicians, in an effort aimed at promoting integrated agricultural technology in the West African country. This is the first time that China-sponsored agricultural training courses have been held in Nigeria.
At least 40 technical personnel of the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are taking part in the training which was designed to cover many agriculture aspects such as the rice and vegetables cultivation, soil and fertilizer management, seed production, agro-machinery and plant protection.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Christopher Ibe says

    How can i join thid group

  2. Vinspire Agrotech agri channel says

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  3. Michael Keshi says

    Agricultural technology of new generation is the only solution as John Deere… Grimme… Claas… New Holland Agriculture

  4. Wonderful Mockingbird says

    it's sad, since WW2, Americans have made Africans suffered so much.
    why Americans are happy to see starvation grasp so many people's lives around world?
    it's time to revenge the unethical behaviors of Yankeess.

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