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FINDING BIGFOOT GAME! Caught on Tape by FGTEEV! Mission: Catch & Trap!! FUNNY GAMEPLAY! #1


Be an FGTEEVER ➡ & Get the Merch ➡ … YO FGTEEVERS! We are so playing this again! It’s a very fun game, hope you enjoy us Finding Bigfoot! Thumbs up if so!

Our last three FGTEEV Vids (but what are they? oooooooHHH!):

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FGTeeV is a Family Gaming Channel of 6 people. Dad is known as FGTEEV Duddy & Mom, well, we call her whatever but sometimes it’s Moomy. They have 4 children, Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! We play all sorts of games, Thanks for checking us out.


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  1. Rachael Howe says


  2. Rozaidi Ani says

    is he dancing

  3. Rozaidi Ani says

    is bigfoot real

  4. Sitlali Osorio says

    i love how you got scared so many times play more scary games pls

  5. 660 abc says

    i might just have bought "member" with my dads money on accident- 0_0

  6. Amando Buchan says

    moneybagg yo

  7. Liana Swanner says

    chase acts like a dad and duddy acts like a child

  8. Kristin Anderson says

    My kid keeps asking for this game.. how do I find it??

  9. lennon bonds says

    i made the game so ya thx for calling me the best :3

  10. Ethan Heyns says

    Bigfoot is scp 1000

  11. Ceasarine nkatha says

    I am coming to your place

  12. chantalia wibowo says

    Who else watch this Video in 2020

  13. Stephanne Rumbaugh says

    I love the games that you play

  14. Evan Hanson says

    YOU SHOULD PLAY BIGFOOT ON ROBLOX THIS A tip youre flash light does not help

  15. Maribel Perez says

    Hi please send me robux on fgteev

  16. roboflash 2233 says

    I did

  17. Megma Roblox says

    I love it how there is a huge monster and he just jumps on big foot and bigfoot just goes with it.

  18. Owen Fox says

    One of my friends said I look like chase

  19. Kylle Reyes says


  20. Angelica Vendiola says

    Is fgeetv is a bigfoot

  21. Beth Erway says

    It would be funny if the map was a foot like bigfoots foot

  22. The Man The Myth The Gamer says

    Hello fellow 6 year olds that for some reason have a YouTube account, I will eat you. Floor gang for live.

  23. Blue Phoenix Girl says

    At 3:19 chase got roasted

  24. Andrea says

    how dare you hit bambi

  25. King Kirk says

    Cool fgteev

  26. Kylle Reyes says

    Stinky uh oh

  27. Kylle Reyes says

    Anura you better not you get out

  28. Kylle Reyes says

    Tux vs Spider Tux Man

  29. Kylle Reyes says


  30. Kylle Reyes says

    You Better not

  31. Kaįâ ?¿?¿? says

    This is still funny, I’m 17 and I haven’t watch it since I was 7

  32. Kaylien Pena says


  33. Frank Kidder says


  34. Kajith Kaniha says

    Why someone like shawn

  35. Kajith Kaniha says

    Why is shawn is cutr

  36. Bismuth fan and piggy :P says

    o am down with the pew pew go with the pew pew pew pew

  37. boneless gaming says

    It's sad ?I didn't see you fgteev for 5 years

  38. boneless gaming says

    Its sad?

  39. MrJOSELUISB says

    FGteeV I luv Your videos

  40. jake powell says

    ol criykey

  41. Akram Ahmed says

    And you’re funny

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