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Don’t expect the next installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake any time soon, the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected production of the game. According to Square Enix, the development team is running at less than 100% efficiency, but Square Enix assured fans that it will not affect the project long term.


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  1. When part 2 comes out I hope/wish they make gameplay more like old games.

    By make it like old games I mean:
    1. Give us BACK the ability to CHOSE which characters WE want to play WHEN we want to play them, NOT have the game be programmed to select random team characters FOR us.
    2. Give me back my level 100 characters! Why does it cap off at level 50 and stop leveling up?!
    3. Make Red 13/Nanaki a PLAYABLE character again! What's the point of having him around anymore if we can't play as him like we do with our HUMAN characters?!
    4. When they bring Cat Sith into the game they better NOT do to him what they did to Red 13. I want to play Cat Sith too.

  2. Please. Everyone knows Part 2 wouldn't be out until the end of the PS5 lifecycle at the earliest, or part way into the PS6 at latest.
    We will get a complete edition sometime during the PS8 if we are lucky, with the rate Square develops games.

  3. Pretty much figured this was gonna be the case anyway lol. So it's really no surprise. Lots of games development are being hurt badly by corvid-19 just like this. Most likely won't see part 2 until 2022 or later.

  4. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond happy that they finally made the Remake and that there's gonna be more parts, but am I the only one who actually wants a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus more than getting the Remake? That "ending" in Dirge of Cerberus, has been driving me crazy for years and I'm so desperate to know what's gonna happen next. If they ever make it happen, that is. I don't even care if they make a movie for it like they did for Advent Children. I just really want some kind of sequel for that game. Although, I think most people would prefer them making a game for it.

  5. Yeah, of course we will wait.
    First part was great.

    I would like to see remakes of next games:

    Vagrant Story


    Chrono Trigger

    Chrono Cross

    Legend of Dragoon

    Star Ocean: Second Story

    Legend of Legaia

    Breath of Fire III

    Wild Arms

    Or at least PS4/PS5 remastered versions.

  6. Haha! Knowing Square, they’re probably using Covid as an excuse to say they’re having setbacks. Like with FF15 and KH3 before, It’s still gonna take 10+ years for them to get FF7R part 2 out 😂😩😑

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