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Filipino Street Food Tour in Quiapo Market, Manila (Turon, Kwek Kwek, Fried isaw)


Chicken Ass in the Philippines →

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About This Episode:
Today, we’re in Quiapo market looking for some classic everything, Filipino street food. We try some tasty, bright orange kwek kwek, chicken balls, veggie balls, calamari, fried isaw and the yummy, sweet turon. It’s hot and it’s packed, but darnit, we gots food to find and eat.

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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show says

    Please SHARE with a friend. Help this channel grow. Let's take over the world, so hopefully I'll be able to return to the Philippines!

  2. jake quinto says

    After tht u hve hepatitis

  3. Renderu says

    Squid ball < Sweet Ball

  4. This Isme says

    Was it just me or he took the balls in our street foods literally. Like "balls attached to the d**k" literally??

  5. Jan&lhou Channel says

    I'm a fan Sir I love your samyang challenge with 2 famous food bloggers! Proud pinoy here

  6. Jesus Lopez says

    Fried life she is funny this guy is funny ???

  7. Lorenz Cervantez says

    hepa st food

  8. Ian Maglasang says

    we would like too see you having blue bandana from now on..good job man.??

  9. foodtrip deliciousoo!! says

    Street food..is the one best food you can find in the Philippines:-)

  10. Maryam's Malabar Kitchen says
  11. YERINNIE JUNG says

    You are just the best sonny .you are the greatest .im always smiling when.i watch ypur videos .very much entertained.THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  12. himig himig says

    Its "squid balls" not "sweet balls" ?

  13. roronoa YT says

    Can you go back to Philippines again and taste SEBO OR PARES AND BAGA AND SINANGKUTSA ITS AVAILABLE IN QUIAPO TOO

  14. PinkyWolf Gaming says

    Go to Cavite Trece Martires

  15. Rielle Apego says

    There should also have been some vinegar with the calamari

  16. Baetriz Vlogs says

    Sonny go to benguet, they have their own version of jerkey. They eat the air dried pork even though it has maggots 🙂

  17. Cooking with Chef Jhay says
  18. Gabriel Chenetto Dayon says

    I eat plain kwek2

  19. Alexis Panis says

    When some don't understand english much.. Tends to stutter or just don't know how to do it… So sorryy…

  20. Tony Mendoza says

    Fast food,quick quick

  21. gariel espero says

    Sweet or squid balls?

  22. Lawrence Landicho says

    Try to go talisay batangas. Plssss try the tawilis ang tilapia

  23. OFW Saudi Boy's Marine's Offshore says

    Proud MAHARLIKA tatak pinoy 🙂

  24. Zippo Guy says

    Sonny it's a squid ball ? i love your show!

  25. Carol C says

    I think you are awesome, Sonny. But party pooper here: please don't promote the use of single-use disposable plastic ?

  26. abdulmubash says
  27. grnman86 says

    What is that dude wearing at 2:30 on the right !?

  28. Belle UwU says

    Why don’t you go to iloilo?
    Their pancit Molo there is very delicious! ?

  29. May Galang says

    I've watched this episode before but i didn't notice you were saying SWEET BALLS! hahaha, it's SQUID BALL Sonny! ?

  30. Lutong Pinoy ala Glenn says


  31. Lutong Pinoy ala Glenn says

    Miss to eat that kind of FOOD . I pray to God the pandemic covid will end very soon . Kung pede lng buias mawala na yung virus

  32. Bayek says

    Bawal panoorin tuwing hatinggabi

  33. Maribeth Ucat says


  34. Niño Dominguez says

    Next time, try to eat "Balut" hHa

  35. Genius Roque says


  36. Nelson's Recipes and Other Activities says

    Street food in Philippines are very delicious and very affordable

  37. Dirk Daryl says

    @6:08 hoy may buhok hahaha

  38. mark castro says

    i hope next time you came here again i want to be a tour guide!! T_T

  39. Jovi Slg says


  40. mj estrebillo says

    gutom nako ;((

  41. I am Dave says

    Visit idol

  42. shura kirikigure says

    What I love the most is the squid ball it's really yummy

  43. Amre Plays says

    Matatawa ka nlang compare sa street food nang ibang bansa ?

  44. Recon Simpas says

    Those are actually squid balls not sweet balls

  45. PH STARS says

    squidballs not sweet balls hahaha 6:00

  46. Keith Idlana says

    The best "toron" is with a ripe jackfruit and sesame seed in the inside

  47. Elizabeth Metteer says

    I am glad you visited my country…??

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