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Ni Hao and welcome to my FIFA 19 China ruins all of football career mode. And thanks to the FIFA 19 Cheat Engine, we are going to be even crazier and wackier than ever before. From now sending all 3 scouts to China, or being able to poach players and change there nationality to Chinese, China has more tools than ever to Conquer world football.

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I use the HD60 S Capture Card and Collapsible Green Screen from Elgato Gaming

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  1. Theo Paul says

    China didn't ruin career mode. EA did

  2. 栗战书 says


  3. luca él says

    Gotta rewatch all the videos cause i loved this series so much!

  4. Anyone else wathcing this during corona

  5. Honker Plonker says

    It wasnt england, it was the uk

  6. Gwidaf27 says

    Make a China ruins in Fifa 20

  7. Coreza Buys says

    Get Naby keita

  8. Coreza Buys says

    You must try to get Rashford

  9. Carlos Campos says

    U got that naruto soundtrack

  10. Austy says

    Chinese video, plays naruto theme lol

  11. AcPvP - Pokémon Go & More says

    Cao Cao

  12. Savage frenzy xj says

    I've come back to watch the best fifa 19 series ???

  13. aj black says

    For being Chinese t
    You aren’t speaking much Chinese in a chines career mode wtf

  14. Hal Potts says

    bmonus is bestttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. FLUBACKER Kévin says


  16. Mr Spacer says

    Naruto is Japanese not Chinese

  17. Ewan Masterman says

    Pick the Kung fu panda!

  18. Bronzo X says

    10:01(con fucios) well he’s not wrong

  19. Michael Sattinger says

    Naruto music lol

  20. Judy Chen says

    Sense the 2002 World Cup they were bottom of the group stage

  21. John Beef says

    FIFA should get AFC Champions League (Asia – including Oceania and Middle East). PES have it and we need it, I wanna see more asian clubs/teams.

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