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FaZe Markoh: 3 shots 1 game! + Hitmarker same game!


1000 Likes? hey guys, yes i’m alive, i haven’t uploaded in a while so sorry about that, but i’m gonna try to make more uploads now and put out some content more often, so enjoy these 3 shots in the same game and the hitmarker i got last night, i was so hyped, leave a like for me uploading again?
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  1. Solo says

    Yo its chaosghost im glad I met you bro 🙂

  2. Awesome videos says

    Noooooooooooo way that happened

  3. david macedo says

    The 2nd and 3rd clip are in different games. If u dont beleive me look at his kills, they're different on both clips. Nonetheless nice shots.

  4. Ticho Plays says


  5. Its Waba!!! New Channel!!! says

    this is fake notice he got 2 deaths at round 0 and five on the second shot and the third clip is another game cuz his kill has dissapeard and on the and he got 7 deaths on 6 round exept if this is search and rescue my message i done
    HATE ON!!

  6. garion walker says

    he his every fucking round…

  7. ryan donnelly says

    No reactions 🙁

  8. Hooopsaaaa17 says

    So iv only ever hit one shot. You his 3 in one game. That one shot i hit took 2 hours and was set up. Wtf you on

  9. Hooopsaaaa17 says

    I wanna see you vs rain

  10. kyle leighty says

    Quad feed

  11. kyle leighty says

    Omg calm down in road to kill am an now 4 in a game

  12. Owen Tysinger says

    How much does his god internet help him hit trickshots? I played him in game battles and it took 8 shots to kill him and 3 for him to kill us!

  13. finalfantasy says

    i cant even hit one in 3482903 games

  14. yOJstn says

    i cant even hit one clip a year at the moment

  15. Shards. | Comeback? says

    damn..resample..tho it was a good vid

  16. TheMistyClanHD says

    U should have at least 100,000 subs

  17. Austen Mcgovern says


  18. Piatrix says


  19. Harry Rogers says

    It was 4 shots

  20. Oh Griff says

    I wish i could hit 4 clips in 1 year…

  21. Funktabular says


  22. xFluffyMods says

    you the man 

  23. Alan Sanchez says

    I wish I could just hit a shot in ghosts. Props to you Markoh for pulling off 3 shots 1 game. 

  24. kybo OG says


  25. Zig Novak says

    Guess who pulled host?

  26. lm_Cray says

    Damn bro let someone else hit a shot haha

  27. JegErVikiing says

    Det her var dårlig

  28. Joey Morris says

    I need this luck!

  29. Lightning Struck says


  30. Im Cuudis says

    Nooooo waaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!

  31. lukas horn says


  32. Fabled Five says


  33. YURI 777 says

    OhMyFuckingGod :OO !!

  34. JacopoBillyS says

    no way!!!!

  35. Revelxtion says

    What the fucking fuck brah…..

  36. Brian Hutchison says

    I'd be hyped with that amount of clips a week

  37. Im Zanji says

    I wish i could hit 1 shot

  38. Maxim says

    thats so sick i locked an old mw2 montage u hit so much OMG!!

  39. Yessas says

    holy shit

  40. xTrolfee - DICAS & GAMEPLAYS says

    OMG :3 0

  41. TriiqYOG says

    i wish i could hit 3 shots..

  42. Gwiq says


  43. It's Eden says

    fucking amazing your sick subed.

  44. Trevzqy says

    ah man, elite warrior was getting it that game. 🙁

  45. korisuon 1 says

    Hey man great video

  46. Slender says

    dat luck doe

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