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Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress: Then & Now


Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress: Then & Now

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  1. Jasmine Pina says

    She looks better in it 20 yrs later wow

  2. bella Negra says


  3. Rahim Annageldiyew says

    Amazing.J.Lo .Danatella You cool

  4. bella Negra says


  5. Nello Melendez says

    Damn JLo is ageless!! She is immortal?

  6. Lorend Govea says

    The guy doing her hair ???

  7. Lilian Houlind says


  8. Karine Abel says

    Legenrady dress i love Donatella. Big talent ❤❤

  9. B P- says

    Kult bezbożnictwa trwa…

  10. B P- says

    Piekło będzie wybrukowane tymi kobietami. KOBIETY… WCIĄŻ SA ZAMALO ROZEBRANE – przekazal szatan na egzorcyzmach

  11. daiana bianco says
  12. Mari Mini says


  13. Keren Illescas says

    11:23 OMG I LOVED this part they look so happy

  14. Jacobien Bil says

    What do these people think of themselves?
    They have a name and people clapp always. Hypocracy at best.
    These people do not want anything to do with regular people.

    Donatella is so ugly

  15. Lilith Morningstar says

    6:35 Queen of fashion Anna Wintour

  16. lopi code eloy says

    Jlo is so beautiful…maintening her body figure…

  17. Filiz Durdu says


  18. Ульяна Николаенко says

    Господи,целая толпа работает над одним выходом.Платье это и подшивают и крепят всю примерку и перед выходом,недошили что ли

  19. May Ibrahim says

    What a lucky women,fame ,beauty ,good husband and beautiful kids and huge wealth,what else a women need

  20. Sara Santacruz Casas says

    Q linda eres q lindo vestido estrenastes sigue adelante algun dia are un vestido para q luscas no soy confeccionista pero estoy practicando y estudiando costura cdte bendciones desde peru

  21. Berna Sanchez says

    I love Jlo so much ♥️

  22. Юлия Ростова says


  23. Giseledeparis says

    Tout le monde est beau, tout le monde il est gentil

  24. Liss Sande says

    Jes jeeah am soo proud you made it Come True!!Its Big good Heart ann Nice bjutiful woman Like you are fantastisk Veldig Veldig kjempe flinke jenna with you now ists Feel calm ann ARIES women fire proud

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