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FarOut Beach Club 2019 | Official Aftermovie HD | Ios Island, Greece


FarOut Beach Club presents Summer 2019 Aftermovie

edited by @lucaepifany
filmed by @seankitching
scripted & produced by @tasosflp
executive producer @christosmykoniatis

Summer 2019 at a glance, thank you for being part of our summer!

We owe these memories to our FarOut family.
Every year we work hard & hangover to guarantee you an escape from your reality into ours.

In our community of ravers, everyone is welcome to rage from sunrise till sunset, every day from June to September. This is not a festival, every day we rave.

Summer 2019 International DJ Lineup;
June 14th // FarOut Rebirth (Opening Party)
June 28th // @staffordbrothers
June 30th // @brookeevers
July 5th // @bennicky
July 7th // @will_sparks
July 9th // @sunsetbros
July 12th // @marlomusic
July 14th // @domdolla
July 16th // @wandwmusic
July 19th // @laidbackluke
July 21st // @djtigerlily
July 23rd // @nervomusic
July 26th // @gianlucavacchi
July 28th // @salvatoreganacci
July 30th // @will_sparks
August 2nd // @vinivicimusic x @reality_test_music
August 4th // @carnage
August 6th // @tom_staar
August 9th // @djchuckie
August 11th // @garmiani
August 13th // @bennicky
August 15th // @djagentgreg x @ace2ace_official
August 16th // @sunsetbros
August 21st // @juniorpappa
August 25th // @will_sparks
September 6th // Summer Closing Party

Summer 2019 Resident DJ’s:
@_stevediaz_ x @t_v_b x @zyrakdj x @nacaimusic x @iamdeejaymelody x @iamdeejaytito

All the energy & atmosphere is created because of all of you ravers and party animals from all around the world. We can’t wait to host you this summer & create memories of a lifetime!

book now – faroutbeachclub.com

follow us on instagram for more info; @faroutbeachclub

special thanks to everyone listed below for their support & good vibes;
AKTEON TRAVEL / @faroutcruiser / @luvnroll / @hideoutsuites / @meltemi_watersports / @ios_resort / @ios_island / @lifeisabeachparty / @mosentaios / @trafficbarios / @sweetirishdream / @cannabios_island / @slammerbariosgr / @shushbarios / @pashios / @barubarios / @lostboysbar / @disco69ios / @circusbarios & many more..

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  1. suckmycateatmysalami says

    Will there be any parties in Ios this summer? We're willing to go back!/we absolutely loved it last year

  2. Pi Ul says

    I've been in Ios in 2005 and 2007, both times in Far Out camping. I remember drinking and dancing from 18:00 to 20:00 for the "happy hour"…. After that, everybody was moving to the Chora (especially Skorpion club, Flames Bar, Lemon…. are still there??). I can see int his video that Far Out has become more a huge nightclub than a camping. I really miss Ios… I would definitely come back every year, if I only was 20

  3. Sanjay Doraiswamy says

    Was going to go this year but my plans got canceled by the tour company ????

  4. Stefan Scagnetti says

    What remix is 'Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi'

  5. Antonis Aristidou Kokkinou says

    are there alot teenagers there during the summer. Im thinking of going with some friends but we wanna go to an island where well find people our age.

  6. Kris James says

    When’s the best time of year to go?

  7. smoodiver G says

    Wow just looking at how much this place has changed/improved!! Was here in 2012, definitely the best week of my life. The day time parties were great for the time but they've really brought the production up a notch now. So much love for this place, hope it does well now and into the future!!!

  8. Chris Mor says

    Έχει πεσει η ποιότητα διασκέδασης στο νησί πλέον ο κάθε πικραμένος έρχεται

  9. lefter thoma says

    Δηλαδή εγώ που πάω κάθε χρόνο τι να πω

  10. DarkMc Giwrgos says

    Ios island… 2005 2006 and 2007 the best holidays off my life.. I was young? Greece is the best place to be the summer. ??

  11. Toris Four says

    Maganari love…

  12. k4mik4tz3 says

    last song?

  13. Vasiliki Fassou says

    amazing memories passing through omg
    I'M IN IOS BAAAABY <3 #ourgreeksummer

  14. basilis foufopoulos says

    First song???

  15. Nondas Terzopoulos says

    The song 7:10 ? Plzz ?

  16. Konstantinos k says

    +1 if you went at ios and you left sick

  17. Medun says

    best club without a doubt ❤️

  18. Electra Yakamozi says

    Greek summer is the best.

  19. YesSirPhil says

    I. was. there.

  20. Andreas Tassios says

    Not a cloud in the sky.

  21. George Kalyviotis says

    Best place in Earth . I been there 42 years, every year. It's amazing, its life, the god made it for us.

  22. Hego ! says

    Best summer of my life , I’m back this summer ?

  23. Daniel Matcham says

    I'll be firing

  24. Sam Hebert says

    I. Will. Be there

  25. JEЯRONICO says

    Epic moments, beautiful island, the best beach club, waiting for summer so much ??

  26. Matthew Rocca says

    I'll be there

  27. Rashmi Thisera says


  28. CarlVdz says

    Just Amazing. Can’t wait too meet you all, working at BARU the whole summer!

  29. Mr Mavridis says

    I was there at garmiani chuckie and Ace2Ace August. It was the BEST experience of my life! LOVE THE ISLAND! LOVE THE FAFOUT! I made ios video too. Check it out

  30. BeautifulPlaces says

    What an amazing 2019 video. WOW. Ios i am coming in 2021 again. IOS one of my BeautifulPlaces

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