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  1. I don't back any horses in UK, 50% races fixed and races like this are pure evil. How stupid to let a horse get 15 lengths at start. Only race's I do are National Hunt and Mullins or Elliot in Ireland. UK handicaps Monday to Friday are fixed or impossible to work out, so why throw money down the toilet. Milton Bradley destroyed UK horses racing permanently, especially low grade races. I know most Grade 123s are OK and listed and races with big prize money but everything else is open to the fixers. Worst trainer of all time in my opinion, for race fixing, was Ferdy Murphy, he was so blatant he didn't even care it was so I haven't lost 1p on UK flat horse racing in ten years because I've bet 0p on it.

  2. They need some more appropriate names for horses if ever doping is outlawed… Like. Snail's Pace… Turtle's Triumph, Speedy Sloth, Walking Horse… Anyone else got some good names for the slower speed of race horses when doping is no longer allowed?

  3. I remember this race well I had 100 euros on the fav I was discussed , you don't mind losing if you get a run for your money, if Iam not mistaken I think some off the jockeys got a fine and a ban form BHA

  4. Stewards enquiry pack of wankers all need shooting not only could not find anything but let the second horse slip them as well ? Rigged race ! This is why it's best to not get involved with the game !

  5. Wanasar has amazing stamina, this is the kinda horse that you need to keep a very close eye on, that race was way to easy for him, he broke out first stayed the same pace the whole way around not letting up and still finished when it mattered with 8 lengths still in hand, if that's not expertise of stamina then I don't know what is, he would make an excellent chaser, he's got a big tank

  6. For those dickheads that don't have a clue, the jockey done fantastic and tactically "stole the race" gaining a quick 10lenghts in a staying race , where generally everyone starts slowly. I done it as a jump Jockey ,,my orders were to " set off in front at a quick pace and try stretch them out from the off , . I purposely was 10 lengths clear at the 2nd hurdle . The other riders new not to try keep up with my (tactical) frantic pace .I was still in front jumping the 2nd to last hurdle but Approaching the last hurdle in a 2 mile race ,my horse was getting tired (maybe my tactics were wrong or I was unlucky and just overdone it) I was challenged by two horses either side of me , their jockeys tacticaly biding their time allowing me to go clear at the start ,.. I tactility tried to steal the race, against Lorcan wyer,Russ garrity, mark Dwyer ,Peter niven nothing to do with being an apprentice race you idiots..
    great ride from this jockey..
    Oh and by the way I won my race too, lorcan wyer,s fell at the last and I battled on gamely to beat mark Dwyer's horse .

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