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Extra Remix – Jillian Aversa – Ethereal New Age Vocals for Video Game Music


Jillian Aversa brings an otherworldly, new age style of vocals to her remixes of video game music, lending them an ethereal touch. Find more of her work here:

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Find all the music featured in this episode at the links below!

Super Metroid

The Search for Ambrosia:
Deus Ex

Atlantis Awakening (Original)

Dreaming Still:
Chrono Cross

Deliverance of the Heart:
Final Fantasy VII

Till We Meet Again:
Final Fantasy VI

Never Ending Night:
Soundcloud Version:
Tohou Kaeidzuka – Phantasmagoria of Flower View

Walking in the Air:
Through Sand and Snow (Original / Cover)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Look for the rest of Jill’s music on OCR:

…and on her website!


Be sure to check out Jill’s newest album, Atlantis Awakening!


You can also find Jillian Aversa at the following links!


Bandcamp (Jillian Aversa):

YouTube (JillianAversa):

SoundCloud (Jillian Aversa):

Facebook (JillianAversa):

Twitter (@JillianAversa):

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  1. defka99 says

    I absolutely LOVE "Kindred." It's one of my favorite songs ever! It takes what makes good Metroid music great (flawless balance between melody and atmosphere) and applies a chilling vocal that complements the composition very well.

  2. rashkavar says

    Ahh, the lady behind Schala and the Queen. Bookmarked

    Speaking of Touhou – that game/series has far too good music for a bullet hell game 😛

  3. toaMalafe says

    listening to till we meet again actually made me tear up, and i've never PLAYED ff6!

  4. Miniike says


    What would we do without Extra Credits?

  5. Michael Hamilton says

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Way to be humble dan.

  6. Lachlan Willacy says

    Talk about tsko G

  7. Doug Perry says

    Hah, I made it into an Extra Remix video! Thanks for the plug, sephfire 😉  Glad to see Jill getting so much love here–she deserves it!

  8. Fernando RM says

    I first listened her vocals in the Touhou album, never tought she sings videogames remixes also 🙂

  9. Summerhays Says says

    This woman should do the music for Kingdom Hearts 3 if Square cant get Hitada back. 

  10. Don Xu says

    OMG, I had Andrew as a professor before. I didn't know that they are big :3

  11. Jeremiah Watson says

    I knew about Zircon, but I never knew about his wife. I wonder how she got into this. I'm a vocal major and wonder what other paths exist other than just opera houses and the school system. Not bashing the other two, but I wonder what all is really out there for singers.

  12. cFreeze says

    It's nice mentioning Touhou. There is a thriving music scene for the obscure Japanese PC Game Series "Touhou Project". And right now, the many circles that make the musical arrangements is currently selling their albums in Comiket 86 in Japan!

  13. Curt Clark says

     I LOVE Jillian's work, both in her OC Remixes and her own albums. "Generations" is my favorite song she has done, followed closely by "Journey's End" from Final Fantasy X…which, coincidentally, was a collaboration between her, GrayLightning, and…

    …Holy crap.


    I'm gonna fansquee all over the place now.

  14. Gil says

    Pixietricks got me into the New Age genre! I love all her work; her voice is a beauty to behold. For anyone interested in similar artists, Helen Trevillion (Destiny) has some stuff on OCR as well and she, too, has a wonderful voice.
     I hold onto the dream that one day Helen and Jillian will collaborate on something.

  15. Emarella says

    "Walking in the Air" brought so much nostalgic feels from my childhood back to me. I watched The Snowman over and over and over again as a young kid, and that song has had a special place in my heart ever since. Haven't heard it (except for me and my family singing snatches of it periodically) for probably twenty years, so this nearly gave me chills.

  16. Dan Slattery says

    Ooh, I got chills on that last track! Damn, she's good! Thanks for letting us know about this girl. I'll be spending a bunch of time on OC Remix checking out her stuff.

  17. moonkinx says

    goosebumps, everywhere

  18. Clint Pereira says

    The narrator of EC is Sephfire?! Dude, you are OG. Not to make you feel old or anything but I've been listening to your remixes since high school. Also not saying you're the best out there but have some pride man!

  19. SuperFlashDriver says

    Peter Auty is also one of the great vocals on "Walking in the Air". 

  20. sinnerdbl says

    Great videos guys about music!!  Extra Remix rocks!! PLZ do an episode about Mick Gordon if u can guys!

  21. mbncd says


  22. 5007-574IN3D says

    I may be late to the party, but I didn't know Daniel was sephfire! I think I have all the songs you've uploaded to OCR. goes and checks

    I do!

  23. Sacchi Hikaru says


  24. Kashim says

    Jill and Zircon are probably the first 2 people who I came upon (separately, strangely enough) that I really clicked with on OCR a long time ago tune-wise. SO crazy to see that they're married now, and yet….not really. It's almost like it was meant to be. Hehe. Very cool. Good luck to the both of them in their lives and careers! MAKE MOAR MUSIC! Awesome Voice + Awesome Gaming Music = ULTRA C-C-C-COMBOOOOO!

  25. Luke Schwiebert says

    Saw this lady at Video Games Live last night. It was pretty great, she sang the Opera from Final Fantasy VI while dressed as Celes! 

  26. Peregrin38 says

    Wait, she contributed to a Touhou album by a professional Japanese videogame composer?! mind explodes I love you for all the things you introduce me to on this series, Dan ;___;

  27. Sept77 says

    I basically just end up making a new playlist whenever you guys release one of these videos.
    I'm gonna run out of memory soon.

  28. EmberReaper says

    Her music reminds me of the Nier soundtrack

  29. cjgargani says


  30. Guy says

    she reminds a bit of the singer from nightwish

  31. safnhuo says

    Well, I'm definitely rooting for her.

  32. Fractional Rabbits says

    Wow I didn't even realize I knew her, but when you said she did Prayer it all clicked! I've been listening to that for like 8 years it's my absolute favourite remix~

  33. Chris McCartney says

    The editing for this episode was really superb, especially in matching the game footage to the music. Kudos. 🙂

  34. mulan 2 HD Dvd says

    6:30 is a rlly important part of my childhood

  35. PLightstar says

    Walking in the Air, always reminds me of Christmas and the Snowman

  36. TheDevicer says

    Touhou mentioned! Touhou mentioned!

  37. AsamiSato says

    I am really enjoying this series!  I never knew much about the game music remixing scene, and I am way too lazy to actually go out and explore it myself (I'm the type of person that tends to absorb music tastes from people around me rather than finding new artists myself), so it's good to get introduced to the cream of the crop by someone who knows what they're talking about!

  38. Xolve says

    I do find the 'it's so good' notions a bit bland. While it's fine to suggest stuff to look into, you probably need a bit more skill in your musical discernment to be able to say something more useful to your audience, such as 'if you're into polyrhythms in semi-ambient music' (terrible example but it serves), saying "this is good music" is just shit. It's not worthwhile to say. I like things other people hate. Most people do. There is a bell-curve of what most people will consider "okay" in music, but not what they find "great". It is way more personal, and the market is more fractured and diverse than it has ever been in human history. If you think of that, maybe you want to apply the same techniques that you employ in "james recommends" to this series, saying, "if you like X and you also like Y, chances are you should give this a go", rather than "it's good". And if you don't have the musical knowledge or practical vocabulary to say anything other than "i like this", you should Not Be doing this series – as it only contributes to the misunderstandings about musical appreciation. Such as (a) I shouldn't have to spend time with music before I enjoy it (the brain has to learn new musical styles, it doesn't understand them intuitively) (b) there is "good" music and "bad" music (the brain mostly responds in the same way across nations to different styles of music, but the more conscious parts intepret it differently – what's dark to you may be light to someone in tibet).
    So please, you can either offer more useful tips, or you can say "ocremix is great, go decide what You like on there" and be done with it.

  39. every116 says

    The first song you played before you introduced 'The Search for Ambrosia' vaguely reminded me of one of the Maridia themes from Super Metroid. Is that what that is, or is my mind playing tricks on me?

  40. Raphael Gama says

    The last song is gorgeous. I was really on a bad mod today and this just made my day. Thanks.

  41. Raenir Salazar says

    WAIT. Stop. What? Does Extra Credits know of Touhou Project!?

  42. Ronin11111111 says

    You keep bringing up FF6 Balance and Ruin. PLEASE just do an episode on it allready! I NEED it!

  43. Kazz Fuchsia says

    Her voice is heavenly , I love its mystical  and peaceful sound.

  44. Heemin Gamin' Let's Play says

    NO! you monsters! you talked about the author my 2nd favorite song on OCRemix of all time but it wasn't showed off -_- you always talk about FFVI and Duex Ex and games that I never had the opportunity to play it's rare that there's a remix of songs I have heard. Oh well different ages I guess. Lover's Reef is my favorite song from Jillian Aversa (Her name; Aversa always makes me think of the dark mage from Fire Emblem: Awakening) but you guys did play "Her Smile in every summer" on the OCRemix episode… now if you guys can talk about the writers behind "Super Mario Bros: Western Show" all my favorite pieces will be shown.

  45. Matt Borgard says

    Holy crap, that Zelda remix is A. MAZE. ING. The Forest Temple theme is my favorite Zelda song ever, and that take on it is incredibly transformative while still capturing the mood.

  46. G4mm4G0bl1n says

    Seiken Densetsu = Secret of Mana

  47. raak1010 says

    I'll be honest. She sounds awesome, but is not exactly my cup of tea. Then you mentioned she helped in a Touhou album and now I must listen to it.

    Keep up the great work with the series.

  48. SomeDudeOtaku says

    all of the songs she is in, her voice sounds the same, I know a singers voice wont change drastically from song to song but hers feels the same every time, after hearing one song with her in, I have pretty much heard them all, maybe she could try a different type of music. Still really good singing though, adding a lot to the songs she is in

  49. Reso says

    Hey Dan, why's your Sephfire site completely in Japanese???

  50. LegendOfMoriad says

    Somehow, I knew that this would end with Generations.  Love that song!
    Also, go Dan, I think I already have every track you have posted on OCR.  

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