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Extra Remix – djpretzel – Groovy Video Game Music with a Twist


Djpretzel defies easy classification with a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from groovy electronic music to sweeping orchestral pieces. Find more of his work here:

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Find all the music featured in this episode at the links below!

The Svelt:


Fortuna Favors the Funk:

Tidal Sequence:

Hillbilly Rodeo:

Twoson Hits the Road:

The Megiddo Brigade:

Look for the rest of djpretzel’s music on OCR:

…and on his website!

Djpretzel is the founder of OverClocked ReMix, where we find many of our artists for the show. Be sure to check out everything else OverClocked ReMix has to offer!


You can also find djpretzel at the following links!


Facebook (djpretzel):

Twitter (@djpretzel):

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  1. Iykury says

    David Lloyd
    Daniel Floyd

  2. Nathan Lickliter says

    DJP remixed Master System games? Including two of my favorite games ever? Holy hell! So thankful you guys did this episode.

  3. mage davee says

    djpretzel is one of my favorite remixers.

  4. Singular8ty says

    I personally love that most video game music and related arrangements usually don't have lyrics. Having been classically trained, I find the singing in most modern music terrible. There are exceptions, most notably Baba Yetu which had beautiful classical singing work, but I really only enjoy the singing if it's classical in style.

  5. thesilverw0lf says

    Hillbilly Bubble Bobble is hilarious XD

  6. Ryder Draconis says

    Can the judges djp

  7. Molandria says

    I didn't check but I heard a brilliant version of Shadows theme as a Western once on youtube. This guys skill is Wonderful!   ^_^   It's on par with that one. Very impressive stuff.

  8. Peter Konrad Konneker says

    Woah he did Starway? AND started OCRemix?  :O

  9. Leather Man says

    EC how about you highlight some of Halc's music. he's also one of the big names on OCR. together with Ben Briggs they form the dynamic duo Insert Rupee.

  10. Dian Moriarity says

    I only really like songs with lyrics, I watch every episode looking for one….

  11. ExpensiveForeigner says

    I've loved that Hillbilly Rodeo ever since I played it on FlashFlash Revolution. It's a seriously great track.

  12. MysidianMoments says

    YES!  Hillbilly Rodeo- one of the craziest classics I've had on my phones for years…

  13. Sayeth Di Puppeth says

    I used to listen to that Bubble Bobble mix a lot, but I'd forgotten who did it.

  14. Erik Neibaur says

    Just thought I'd let you know that I think this series is still rockin'. Keep on keeping on. I love 'Tidal Sequence', easily made it onto my top-rated list when I first heard it.

  15. Hecklechet says

    I recommend Chipzel's work, she doesn't do remixes, sadly, she does originals. Her music actually made it into Super hexagon.

  16. William Walters says

    Went to OCR and listened to the whole Hillbilly Rodeo. It's hilarious, a bit like Battleblock Theater's whole… thing… they have going on. Love it when artists just have to get stuff like this out of their system, totally outside what they are known for, and are brave enough to make it.

    Creators gotta create! It sounds weird, but I think making stuff like this shows integrity.

  17. blues03 says

    Hmm, I knew he mixed songs..I didn't know he made the site though. Wow.

  18. BlackfootFerret says

    I love the Hillbilly Bubble Bobble remix, had it on my phone for years ^_^

  19. Olen Cox says

    Please do Sunset Riders. Dear God.

  20. firestorm713 says

    hey, there's this one remixer you should feature that I don't know if everyone knows about, Sephfire. Seriously. That dude wrote some awesome remixes. 😛

  21. Heemin Gamin' Let's Play says

    the art at 3:00 is the most important thing that has ever or ever will be drawn in the history of extra credits NEIGH the world NEIGH THE UNIVERSE!

  22. elmohead says

    I've had djpretzel's Revenge of Shinobi remixes for as long as I remember. Glad to see he's still active.

  23. Joshua Block says

    i really, really REALLY love it when music i have on my ipod is mentioned in your videos 😀

  24. BigGiantCircles says

    The man, the myth, the pretzel!

  25. FinetalPies says

    I was gonna be so disappointed if you didn't include Hillbilly Rodeo

  26. MegapiemanPHD says

    My favorite track by DjPretzel would have to be his remix of the Ghouls n' Ghosts theme, Psycho Underpants.

  27. Jeremy Yanofsky says

    This episode calls to mind a question I've been lingering on for a while:

    If you post a song by someone from OCR that has remixed a popular video game tune, will you get nailed by YouTube's Content ID system if you include that song in a video?

    I've wanted to do this after seeking permission from the artists for a while now, but I'm afraid to do it since I definitely can't afford to get socked by Content ID acting on behalf of various video game publishers (many of whom probably want nothing to do with YouTube's Content ID policing anyway, it seems).

    One would think that this must not be a problem since you guys have obviously started an entire show revolving around remixed music now, but my guess is maybe you had to clear things with YouTube first somehow. Was that necessary, or is YouTube cool with using video game music?

    Thanks guys!

  28. X D D D says

    imo, djp should have been the first video 😉

  29. DuelScreen says

    I want a protricity episode or maybe just a DKC2 episode. I love his work. 

  30. Iggy the Kidd says

    oooh, good to see pretzel getting some praise. Know him from the GeekNights theme, a real soft jazz talk show theme. good stuff.

  31. Sam says

    On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have any instrumental remix of MMBN6 tracks? The tracks there are cool and yet I just can't find anything…

  32. Michael Emerson says

    Anyone else think Dan's Remix Sprite looks like Thor? 

  33. Limey Lassen says

    Bubble Bobble Rodeo! I know that one, from Flash Flash Revolution. :3

  34. Jasae Bushae says

    Geez…I stumbled upon Ocremix in its first year and have been off and on popping in to check the newest sound…Im shocked to realize that it has been running for so long…

  35. Linkenberger says

    I was lucky enough to see David at the OC Remix panel at PAX Prime last year (And Daniel too! Well, before he snuck out early. That's right Dan, thought you could slip out without nobody noticing, eh?), and it was awesome. Shaq Fu ftw.

    Funny you should cover him this week though; just a couple days ago I started learning how to play Pachelbel's Ganon on the piano by ear – my favorite of his remixes – which is something I've been meaning to do for years now. God I love his stuff.

  36. ZCeurvels says

    I like Extra Remix and all, but having been on OCR for quite a while, I've heard of most of the artists you've brought up so far.  I'd love to hear something I'm less familiar with.  :

  37. Macaius T says

    the Megiddo brigade.
    just that name makes me think of a more homestuck oriented megido brigade.
    aradiabots everywhere

  38. lukeacola says

    I'm really diggin' these Extra Remix episodes. Keep 'em coming!

  39. DomTogMittNamn says

    I may not be into his tunes, just my opinion, but wow do I respect the guy. OCRemix has brought me alot of joy, and I enjoy hearing about the artists behind some of the tracks that I have enjoyed.

  40. The T.C. says

    It's kinda funny I don't like the guy who actually made OCremix. I feel about as bad as I do for hating chili dogs.

  41. Twyg says

    Secret of Mana! YEAH!!!!!

  42. Slite01 says

    I do like Extra Remix.  I do.  I also like the other content.  Please alternate.

  43. Extra Credits says

    Bump! Youtube's subscriber feed is broken this morning, so if you're used to seeing our new videos in your feed, you may have missed this morning's Extra Remix in your feed (as well as anything else you're subscribed to). Just a heads up!

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