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Everything Michelle Khare Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR


@Michelle Khare is an actress, content creator, and host of the new HBO Max show, ‘Karma’. As a former professional cyclist, Michelle likes to fuel her body with high-protein healthy foods, but also loves to indulge when she feels like it. In this episode of #FoodDiaries, Michelle walks us through an entire day of eats, her go-to restaurants in LA, and favorite meals to cook at home.

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Everything Michelle Khare Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

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  1. babyhols777 says

    love her but this was the most standard white girl LA diet ive ever seen how boring

  2. babyhols777 says

    ur cheat meal is pasta… i have pasta almost everyday

  3. babyhols777 says

    id fully pay £74738383 to see bella hadids diet and workout and skincare !!

  4. tarachoudsx says

    coming from a half indian half white girl…. this girl’s white side JUMPED out

  5. Elizabeth Nicole says

    Michelle really should be casted as Katara for a good live-action remake of ATLA

  6. Harsh Yadav says

    Harper's Bazaar ,Can u have Safiya Nygard Next?

  7. AC DC says


  8. Jahnesha T says


  9. Laureen Mwangi says

    I never know half the people you guys have

  10. Douglas Cortez says

    She looks like a female version of Ray Willam Johnson

  11. missbejazzful says

    Overnight oats and smoothies are literally some of the laziest and easiest foods. Like… wut?

  12. Abby Lim says

    when she said FIANCÉ

  13. Anmol Merban says

    I seriously love her so much!

  14. amna ibad says

    Our queen getting the recognition she deserve

  15. juliegoeshealthy says

    This is so different from her BuzzFeed video switching foods with her best friend. She was eating SO LITTLE then. When she said, "I eat a lot," I was skeptical.

  16. MartaCst13 says

    Bro, just keep your macros in check and nothing is goin to go wrong, you can be free with your meals, but KEEP THEM IN CHECK
    if you don't do that, there's really nothing to do about it, you're going to put on weight.

  17. Mia Simpson says

    People I want to see next: Harry styles.

  18. Annabelle says

    I remember watching a video of Michelle on a fitness journey. It was just an experiment and she struggled, but now I watch her videos training other people. She's come such a long way! Look at her now compared to her in that clip at 5:38 . So much progress! You go Michelle

  19. Its always Tegan says

    Michelle’s got GUNS

  20. shit lista says

    Who is this girl?

  21. Priyanka S says

    She doesn't deserve it

  22. Pragya Pandey says


  23. Ariam says

    very basic… yikes

  24. bluemascara1 says

    So boring

  25. Pat says

    A handful on almonds? Ehhhh.

  26. Kimberley Boddy says

    I loved her on buzzfeed and when she started her YT channel.

  27. hannah • 6 years ago says

    michelle is my fave person. pErIoDt

  28. Fizza Shirmeen says

    Michelle is finally getting the recognition she deserves!!???

  29. Jane Ives says

    The first thing I do is hug Garette ?❤

  30. Crystal Moore says

    Lmao I loved learning Michelle steals her fiancee's bread

  31. RD herps says

    Your so amazing!! Congrats on your fiancé!

  32. Sister Stina says

    Now I feel fat. Again.

  33. Andrea L. Chirinos says

    She looks so pretty omg

  34. starshipsandcranberries says


  35. Ishita Gupta says


  36. Rahmana says

    Yay I’m so happy for her

  37. Rahmana says

    Omg that’s amazing

  38. Mahmoud DAHROUG says

    Can u train like iron man thx usef outt

  39. Ashly Reji says

    Omg Im so proud I can't believe she made it onto Harper's BAZAAR. CONGRATS MICHELLE

  40. mercedes says

    my fav ??

  41. little hurricane says

    I hope you bring in selena gomez!

  42. Sharanya Krishnagopal says

    Her hair and arms are just ???

  43. kurihai says

    First time I learned her last name is pronounced "car-rehh" not "care."

  44. Loretta Pfeiffer says

    Uuuug I love her so much!!!!

  45. Agostina M.I says

    She's so pretty!!

  46. Anna Yuqi says

    Do what a gymnast eats in a day!!!

  47. Hannah Ruedinger says

    I want to see a What I Eat in a Day with The Rock !

  48. Julianna Percoco says

    I just love herrr???

  49. Artes Pintura Ana Estrela says


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