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Everything Gwyneth Paltrow Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper's BAZAAR


At her February 2020 BAZAAR cover shoot, we asked Gwyneth Paltrow all about her diet. From peanut butter protein bars to Goop approved one-pot dinners, this is everything Paltrow eats, breakfast through dinner.

Read the full interview with Gwyneth:

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Everything Gwyneth Paltrow Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

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  1. Tegan Shelley says

    I’m sorry she thinks PASTA is a cheat meal

  2. Houda Hanoun says

    For someone who eats super super clean lol she looks normal my mom looks younger

  3. pablo pablo pablo says

    why the hell am I watching this

  4. zhonguocha says

    Pasta… is a cheat meal?

  5. 呂維芳 says

    ASIAN fish?

  6. I Moon says

    Long story short:

  7. james Gio says

    "Quiet time"


    EAT Me

  9. Olivia Bible says

    if you like santa monica seafood you should come to boston!

  10. Natalia Almousawi says

    I got very hungry while watching this.

  11. Isabela isabela says

    Leaving the channel R.N.

  12. Isabela isabela says

    And how cares….anyway so much bla bla bla

  13. Isabela isabela says

    I think she drinks too much.

  14. Isabela isabela says

    How f…cares…jaja

  15. Emily says

    She looks like a floating head with the white shirt and background

  16. truth teller says

    Yet she still looks old as hell and wrinkly. Karen is so annoying ..famous for being famous.

  17. MYGirlsGJ B says

    She's so obnoxious, but her skin looks pretty good.

  18. supuryyy says

    She sells useless and expensive stuff to gullible women… Brand called Goop…
    She is a great actor though as she can almost make one believe she is a genuine person…

  19. hellojane says

    She looks like she doesn't eat. Hates food.

  20. Ziggy3339 says

    Can’t remember the name of the protein bar….oh, I’d like to know that one. ☝?

  21. Simona Felice says

    I think Gwyneth Paltrow would have cucumbers and water, all day. Coconut oil is nasty. Water is always good. I love smoothies. I like Smoothie King. Green Smoothies are good. I don't like peanut butter. Hung over???? Eggs are good. I love steak salad. Cashews are delicious. I love Asian food, too. One pot dinner sounds good. Dutch Ovens are awesome! I love your diet! You're not geriatric, at all, Gwenyth Paltrow. An old Jewish man??? I love French Fries, too. Pasta is good. I loved watching.?

  22. asma naz says

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  23. Claude G says

    I’m glad she doesn’t eat octopus ?☺️

  24. Debby Boyd says

    She doesn't really eat. That's clear.

  25. marishkaspirit says

    I'm still confused what does she eat? Or does she eat? Cuz she makes it sound like once in a while at special occasions she'll snack..what about real meals?

  26. Eli Mcm says

    pepper. Jarvis said stop drinking that fake goop and drink some real OJ

  27. Hi Tek says

    I really don’t wanna spread hate but she is sooo unlikable ?

  28. Bubba the Self says

    "I don't eat octopus because they're smart! So I only eat dumb animals!" LOL. She sounds and looks like she's on her death bed and wants to give up. For some reason I thought she was vegan but sadly no, so she has nothing going for her. These celebs are shells of human beings who sold their souls for fame and money in Hollywood and now looking for it in coffee beans and other drugs. What use is all that money when she has no wisdom? Doesn't know how to eat at 50 years old, is an alcoholic, and still looking for energy in coffee like a teenager?

  29. slylover123 says

    What is internet khole

  30. Asdo Wayne says

    What's that cartoon show at 3:56 ??

  31. Jes Sie says

    Wait she doesn’t eat octopus because they are smart????? Did i miss anything??

  32. Kati 0602 says

    Gwyneth Paltrow: pasta is a cheat meal
    Me a very poor student and who can basically only afford pasta with pesto: ???

  33. robertk2007 says

    Take a shot every time she says, goop

  34. John Guy says

    My snake needs oil. Her skin is drying out without her GOOP!

  35. Elicia Mary says

    I watched this to see how weird it was going to be…..and she starts off with swishing coconut oil in her mouth. So funny.

  36. yuki, who loves Emilia. says

    Wait she never brushes her teeth?

  37. Paradise Blue says

    Wow she didn't mention goop at all ?

  38. ekbutle says

    Man she's aged like a banana for somebody who is so healthy. 🙁

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