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Every Time Jaida Essence Hall Walked the Runway 👑 RuPaul’s Drag Race


Relive all the runway looks from season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall.

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  1. Anal Queen says

    Did anyone else die laughing at 2:35? LMAOOO JACKEE FROST.

  2. Fantoma says

    Also known as every time the overrated & hyper-annoying Jaida Essence Hall bored everyone to death with her déjà-vu cheap Village Values get-ups, lol!

  3. Hervé Medina says

    P in purple loved it

  4. Aldric Martinez-Olson says

    The only queen of the top 3/4 to have the least pushing by production to win and she still won. THE POWER!!

  5. Flavor Country says

    I remember I cracked up when Jaida and Jazz came out, and she did all the mom-isms at the beginning. I could really imagine her saying:

    “Get over here!”
    “Chin up!”
    “Now walk!”

    I thought right then that she was gonna win, and I’m glad she did! If Heidi (who I also really like) hadn’t been on this season, she probably would’ve been Miss Congeniality too. She was always positive when someone got upset.

  6. Chat Pointer says

    Ball runway 😁 frozen runway 😁 black wedding 😁 red white blue runway 😁 purple runway😁 and baby the finale look 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  7. im tired says

    wait why didn’t you show the full runways?

  8. Jayyjo says

    Her tulle look, ball look, Frozen look, Stars and Stripes, Purple look and finale are my favorites!!

  9. Mauriccio Dieggo says

    Jaida is remember Tyra sanchez i love her!

  10. Dramanoah says

    2:52 oop

  11. Florence Bradley says


    ප්රජාතන්ත්රවාදය ස්ථාපිත කර ඇත හරි හරී වැනීසිය රෝමය

  12. Fabiano Almeida says


  13. butterfly dream says

    My personal ranking:
    16) one woman show
    15)basket ball wife
    14)spring look
    13)lady ballers
    12)buttons and bows
    10)planet of the capes
    9)black wedding
    8)night of a 1000 Michelles
    7)red white and blue
    6)fall look
    3)color purple
    2) tulle
    1) final 4

  14. Erika Souza says

    so. fucking. legendary.

  15. Shavonne Taylor says


    ඇය වෙනත් දෙයක් කතා කළා

  16. Batac Adrian says

    This is why JAIDA is the ESSENCE of beauty and because of that she is in the HALL of fame

  17. Lillefoden says

    miss everything

  18. Keenan Harduth says

    Her entrance look was actually the one tho'.

  19. Joan of Arc says


  20. Shir Tsarfati says

    How didn't she win the ball?

  21. everberry51 says

    2:47 “I’m giving whatever’s left of the polar ice caps!” ❄️LMAOO

  22. aden requiestas says

    gigi gooode

  23. markozius13 says

    if you want to end racism, stop giving wins to Queens just because they are black!

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