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Every Race In Middle-Earth Explained | WIRED


The story of “The Lord of the Rings” grew over the entirety of J.R.R. Tolkien’s life. The Tolkien Professor, Cory Olsen, examines every race in Middle-Earth, mapping Tolkien’s creative process over time. Watch as we learn about the origins of Hobbits, Men, Ents, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons and much more.

Dr. Corey Olsen, President of Signum University,

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Every Race In Middle-Earth Explained | WIRED

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  1. Hauk Brochmann says

    What about Beorn?

  2. IamSheWolf says

    Very cool, but what of Beorn?

  3. Get Real says

    0:00 Intro
    1:33 Elves
    6:02 The Ainur (Valar, Ainur and Maiar)
    12:13 Men (Numenor)
    15:57 Eagles
    17:59 Balrog
    18:58 Dwarves
    22:09 Orcs (Uruk-hai and Goblins)
    25:15 Dragons
    26:11 Werevolves & Wargs
    27:22 Hobbits
    29:27 Trolls
    30:32 Giants & Ents
    33:03 Giant Spiders
    34:02 Sauron & Evil Spirits
    38:23 Summary

    BTW: A doctor in what?

  4. M Schneider says

    Do please bring back Prof. Olsen. He has such a soothing voice and I could listen to him explain Tolkien's mythology for days.

  5. Nihilist says

    Great video but it was 20 hours too short…

  6. Tim Giraud says

    What of the ghan buri ghan, the pukel-men, and the stone giants of the misty mountains, high pass and zirakIgil… granted these are not main charachters but deserve honorable mention at least

  7. Humble Pelican says

    LoL I Always thought the Hobbits were the result of interbreeding between Elves and Dwarves.

  8. Stephan Berger says

    You call Tom and the wizards Ainur, but don't you mean Maiar?

  9. Lacey Evans says

    what about smeagle would he be a race or is he still consider a hobbit or gollem

  10. Jordan says

    Very interesting to hear how the story of all than changed over time

  11. Jordan says

    The wargs are way cooler than the werewolves, imo

  12. Jordan says

    We need a 10 part series of these!

  13. Jordan says

    4:45 Probably writing it for his kids made it more generally accessible and palatable to the public

  14. P Higgins says

    I'm glad I found this site. I have a question for a true Tolkien scholar. When the Fellowship was formed, why didn't a Noldor represent the Elves? Legolas was Sindar. When I put this all together in my head I almost fell out of my chair. It should have been Glorfindel, Maybe Elladan & Elrohir. It should have been a Noldor! How could Tolkien have let this slip?

  15. Jervis Germane says

    Putting the goblins and the orcs together goes against something I was taught in high school when I read the books to get a date with a Tolkien-obsessed girl. All the "evil" races were supposedly corrupted versions of the free races: Dwarves into goblins, elves into orcs, men into uruk-hai, ents into trolls, and eagles into the fell beasts. Gollum was a similar corruption of hobbits, but they never got their own name because Gollum was the only one of his kind and his corruption wasn't really intentional anyway. But if you say orcs and goblins are the same thing, then there is no longer a dark version of each of the "good" races in the mythology.

  16. Brent Glines says

    According to the Silmarillion, Dwarves were NOT bad guys. Some fought along side the High Elves against Morgoth!

  17. JÄNI says

    Good and informative video but it makes me flinch everytime you mispronounce names or places etc. which is constant. Almost unbearable and unwatchable…
    Again, content is good but PLEASE learn to pronounce the words as is!

  18. Gbsy Vi says

    Tolkien created a whole language for elves but named eagles "eagles" ?

  19. Trump 2020 WJB says

    I feel like im listening to the bible

  20. castroski7 says

    "Tom Bombadil is clearly one of the Ainur" dude u cant just say things like that. If its your theory its ok but making the statement that he "clearly is"?

  21. KillerGringo says

    What about Beorn the Skin changer or Cave Trolls (the trolls that can be in sunlight), or the rock giants?

  22. Loren Daemon says

    3:16 what about the Avari ??

  23. Chloe says

    The thumbnail of this video is Dwarf erasure and I hate that.

    Amazing video, though!

  24. Lars Bruinenberg says

    I love how we know so much, yet we still have so many questions about this wonderful world Tolkien has created. He literally created his own universe.

  25. Eric Tenaya says

    Glad this video came out & at the perfect time, too.

  26. Ian Paquin says

    i'm starting to feel like he's saying some things wrong for example: "then the elves left middle-earth to travel to valinor" when its the other way around

  27. Hansa Roos says

    What about Beorn`s race?

  28. michael myers says

    Race….thats racist boy we all on the same Planet.

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