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Every goal from the 2019 DI men's soccer quarterfinals


See every goal scored, as well as some nifty saves, from all four DI men’s soccer quarterfinals games. Stanford, Virginia, Georgetown and Wake Forest will play in the 2019 College Cup.

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  1. Tsid Banda says

    If he is World Class then I am ALL TIME GREAT. Seriously I wish ROY KEAN herd that????

  2. Tsid Banda says


  3. 2010jesom says

    5:57 commentator: we're going up and you're gonna have to score to beat us.
    Uhmm yeah, thats what football is about…

  4. Frank Champion says

    these golakeepers are TRASHHHH

  5. eon Acronym says

    6:29 watch the kids in the back

  6. Devo says

    6:10 "world class player" these American commentators chat absolute shite HAHAHA, wouldn't last a second in the prem

  7. Chico Bryan says

    Stop hating on these guys! Seriously, they are monsters. I wish our College soccer players would get more respect. Y’all love to say they’re bad but the truth is these guys have gone farther in the sport than any of you watching their highlights on YouTube

  8. Mohamed Mehai says

    Gotta love the comments section ???

  9. Daniel Sanchez says

    Why is the clock counting down to zero? So confusing.

  10. Kai the Panda says

    4:18 those kids lol

  11. Ben W says

    bro I will personally buy the Georgetown announcers a new mic ffs

  12. Dean Bartlett says

    The commentator that called that dude a world class player…. Definitely doesn't watch soccer and must be a reject from another sport.. Come on man

  13. Toby Simpson says

    Commentators going on a monologue about a bloody penalty

  14. Christopher Yanes says

    Can someone explain to me the penalty system?

  15. Jamie says

    Wondrous video production, I love it so much !!!! Greatest part is 1:30. I upload one video, Pls check it out and tell me am I good ? ? ❤

  16. thomas says

    6:10 “world class player, let alone college” someone fire this commentator???

  17. Adam Judge says

    How are college keepers so ass

  18. Margs says

    9:47 fire this guy

  19. Rudy F says

    I’ll be playing there one day

  20. Erick Gonzalez says

    5.50. “World class player, puts the team on his back”

  21. Anyieth Anyieth says

    can someone explain to me why multiple of the Stanford players are wearing captain armbands

  22. Daniel Cobian says

    whats with the pens? clemson missed their first shot and lost??

  23. The BB1 says

    How can these college players be so bad omfg. Also what's with all the penalties

  24. Adrian Fonseca says

    What a cringe fest

  25. MrFootyAce says

    Need to update the description, not sure Georgetown and Washington can both go to College cup at this point…

  26. Jonathan Doyle says

    Love the enthusiasm from the stanford-clemson color commentator

  27. David Atkinson says

    Holy crap that keeper's attempt around 10:35 was bad

  28. I Want Winners Produxtions says

    That Georgetown free kick was icy ?

  29. Danny W says

    Holy shit the Georgetown Washington game announcers made me deaf fml

  30. Adam Wade says

    Announcers: “MAKES NO MISTAKE”

  31. Oscar Harding says

    why did they show the random wake forest clips someone needs to fire the intern

  32. J says

    That Georgetown audio is straight ass

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