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Hello everyone! Today’s video is about fashion hacks every girl should know! In this lookbook I show DIY outfit ideas with clothing hacks to show how to dress well for women and make any basic outfit look good. I really hope you like it! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more! 🙂 X

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Contact me on: missalexbeauty@aol.co.uk

This video is not sponsored. Affiliate links used. All items purchased myself. Gifted items but not specifically for this video marked with *.

Items shown (not in exact order):

Miss Selfridge light blue jeans (size 6): N/A Similar:
US link:

Timberland boots (size 3):
If you’re size 3 get the kids for £10 off!
US link:

Missguided satin wrap dress: N/A similar:
US link:
US link:

Grey slogan t-shirt: N/A Similar:
US link:

ASOS white shirt: N/A Similar:
US link:

Forever 21 flowy blouse: N/A Similar:
US link:

Pretty little thing floral dress (size 4):
US link: N/A Similar:

H&M white sweatshirt: N/A Similar:
US link:

River island black patent boots (size 3): N/A Similar:
US link:

Vera Moda checked blazer: N/A Similar:
US link:

Missguided beige pink sweatshirt (size S):
US link:

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  1. MissAlex says

    I hope you like this video! Please leave your fashion hacks in the comments because it would be amazing to share! <3
    0:22 Neat tuck into jeans hack
    1:05 Top too low cut hack
    2:06 Tie up top hack
    2:31 Neat tuck in top hack
    3:13 Keep sleeves rolled up hack
    4:06 Roll up jeans hack
    4:30 Shorten dress hack
    5:12 Tuck jumper into dress hack
    5:52 Squeaky shoes hack
    6:17 Iron without an iron hack
    6:44 Make jeans bigger hack
    7:26 Shorten top hack
    8:10 Jeans digging in hack
    8:33 Half tuck in hack

  2. Gabriel Cota says

    That looks nice

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  4. kylawindrin says

    wow you have inspired me to create my own channel am watching this now in 2020 and still inspiring

  5. gacha wolfy says

    You look so good in everything

  6. Pinky Pix says

    Hack : at 6:43, you can also just shower and put the dress near you in the bathroom, the heat will make the wrinkles disappear (hack from a nigahiga video haha)

  7. Taf taf Africa says

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  8. Dhikrullah Kudirat says

    I love this hacks

  9. IDA'KHAN 88 says

    nice… ❤u

  10. praveena nadipalli says

    Fashion hacks that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!
    PLEASE do SUBSCRIBE here!!!❤️???

  11. katerina k says

    Video for the fast fashion: https://youtu.be/mG_6yUtLZ4k

  12. Simplyme says

    Great video ?

  13. Sharonparsley says

    First time watching

  14. Miss Immigrant says

    Amazing video.
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  15. Claire N’ Style Vlogs says

    Love this video. btw im also starting my youtube channel. Here are the few outfit i wear with jeans and boots 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urZS8ReY0Ck&t=216s Thank youuuuuuuuu so much

  16. Daniela Pigors says

    U like all?

  17. Daniela Pigors says

    2:20 eww the hanging thing

  18. Daniela Pigors says

    2:03 dress?

  19. Daniela Pigors says

    First one do you use bands?

  20. Daniela Pigors says

    So sunny but could by u??

  21. srv creations says

    Good information

  22. Analyn Benavente says

    I already watch your video before and yes now I decided to subscribe … I love all what you share and you are pretty ❤❤❤

  23. Sarah Jane says

    Wow amazing.

  24. Tiffany Johnson says

    Just found your channel..thanks for the hacks

  25. Ozzy unchained says

    Follow @kickright2

  26. Victoria Mann says

    hi, i would rlly like to dye my hair very similar to yours, do you know the name of your colour?

  27. Hooda Beauty & lifestyle says


  28. FashionFit says

    Miss you are the bet…great video ..I hope to support my channel

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  30. Laughter With Life says

    You are adorable. Fun to watch!

  31. Scarlett Clark says

    Bobby pin..she meant Bobby pin

  32. Axanthic Crestie says

    Great idea ??!!!!!!

  33. Rosio Ortiz says

    Nice style?

  34. Miti Ottu says

    I like your accent

  35. Dawn Dee says

    Small youtuber here. Let's support each other! 😀

  36. Lionel Hubbard says

    Beautiful every outfit you doing it's absolutely beautiful ?????????????????

  37. Lionel Hubbard says

    I love all how you doing this absolutely beautiful

  38. Klin Heart says

    I think you should see this for your selves guys https://youtu.be/RKfTVZN3sBI

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