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ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2019-20 Fashion Show


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  1. zielannod seer says

    EDITED. i found the first song. it's in the middle of Heavenly Peach Banquet. journey to the west by Monkey.

  2. Allan Gradus says

    What is the music at 2:48?

  3. Annesha Chakraborty says

    Showstopper dress was my favourite

  4. Yarumi says

    Ну сфотографируй один раз что ты на показе и всё, ну зачем снимать весь показ на телефон?! На ютуб зашёл и посмотрел всё в отличном качестве. Сидят как обезьянки с телефонами, кто-то сидит вообще в телефоне и не смотрит даже…бесят. А показ супер, платья роскошные…и Женя Катава супер!

  5. Stefanie Carina says

    4:21 looks like an Elsa dress. Gorgeous

  6. Stefanie Carina says

    2:13 wow this blows my mind. Such a beautiful dress. Wish I could afford it

  7. Eleonora Pistola says

    Quanto mi piace lo stile di Elie Saab

  8. AprilBonbon says

    Does anyone know who's the model at 3:36 and 9:14 / 9:21 ? She's breathtakingly stunning

  9. Daisy Shi says

    Wow it’s Chinese Collection Even the songs areChinese songs

  10. A. N. says

    Beaautiful. The detailing is amazing.

  11. رحمة علي حسين says

    Wow ? ???❤❤

  12. sophie amundsen says

    Anyone knows the title of the very last song?with the violin?

  13. Jenni FooFoo says

    Not a fan of the gold belts. I think it cheapens the look. But otherwise….stunning collection. One of my favorites.

  14. nathan andrusynyk says

    Beautiful ?

  15. Anne-Marie d'Vinichi says

    loved so many .. except for the obsessive fixation on a particular belt which got put on everything.. regardless of the relevance to the overall item ..

  16. Rachel Wharton says

    Breathtaking!! So intricate, lovely, luxurious… Nothing more flattering to the beautiful female body than a beautiful gown!

  17. Janet M. says

    Love the colors!

  18. S AU says

    Does anyone know the name of the music at 2:56?

  19. Xuan Hou says

    I think about this collection everyday, it’s other worldly

  20. Kacey Randall says

    One of my all time favorite designers. Seriously so stunning

  21. Mystical Theory Written History Rebestyle Art. says


  22. Mac Re says

    Can someone please tell me what is the name of the song at 2:56 ?

  23. Dissily Mordentroge says

    Why do all these models need to wear expressions as they’re hurrying on their way to commit homicide?

  24. Nono Zebra says

    Nice color scheme, but we see this in Pakistani weddings all the time minus the bare shoulders

  25. Silêncio é Canção says

    You make dream, not dress! I love you! ??????????

  26. Nikki J says

    Everything was so beautiful.

  27. Positive Vibe says

    So beautiful colours and designs! Just mesmerized me !?

  28. Aloosh says


  29. Aya Ahmed says


  30. Frank Lesser says

    My girlfriend has been looking for a quick outfit to throw on to run to the grocery store and some of these would be just perfect.

  31. Abena T says

    Works for me and I am 70. The very best.

  32. fadini73 says


  33. Инна Куликова says

    финал бомба

  34. Axelle Roquet-Schnakenbourg says

    Costumes et mannequins… Sublime !

  35. fidele 5965 says

    ok the Algerian karakou is coming every year.Whebn are going to find your own libanis style and stop hajaking people heritage.

  36. AmerikaRefugee says


  37. Michelle Miranda says


  38. M R says

    اینا انگار با خودشون هم قهرند میمیرم اگه یکم مهربون تر باشند ولبخند بزنن

  39. ErRa MoOd says

    Świetna inspiracja 🙂

  40. Veee Beee says

    There should have been a fleet of Asian models for this collection.

  41. Thanh Do says

    Các trang phục của elie saab thực sự trên cả tuyệt vời❤❤❤❤❤

  42. Mona Hh says


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