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Elf City First Look Live Game – The Gainz Are 2 AfkReal


Overall most things seem to be exp waste in this city. Only thing good is many will enjoy the afkness of the exps 😛 So far did ~260k smithing/hour (very afk 60 ores per time you smith) You will need 1.5k+ Ores though)
Mining seems to be 150k/hr
Thieving seems to be bad compared to dwarf traders

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  1. Elne says

    missing some questes and some levels but i cant wait to go there 🙂

  2. hopsin desmon says

    I love you man,

    your vidoes

  3. MrxTORCHx says

    do you think runescape has gotten easier?

  4. Kinetica says

    how do you get alkans hat?

  5. awesomebuns says

    where do u set the portal to gwd?

  6. Jad Rs says

    Just got 99 mining at seren stones :p average xp is roughly 150k/hr

  7. dogeness says

    50 elder seeds? damn.. and I thought I no-lifed alot during the summer..

  8. Sedge Sedgicus says

    Haha " fuck the cutscene, its xp waste!" loool so efficient =D

  9. Mystic says

    Got 4.5m loot from 900k thieve, 2.4m of that was cash alone + got an elite clue and heard of people getting brawlers.

  10. Alvincao65 says

    Elder tree seeds are tradable now 🙂

  11. Uniek says

    this is soo nice and op, gotta go do the quests now fml

  12. Plasmal says

    Hehe, I would train my stats for this quest.
    But mournings end part 2.
    I'd rather jump off a cliff

  13. Icon Legends says

    i love all your videos alkan ive been binge watching them for like the past 4 days haha

  14. Realization says

    instant like for 20 min video

  15. William says

    shitscape 3 just got even shittier! 

  16. Dan says

    mining + superheating is pretty great, save your ores for when the voice of seren is there

  17. Fail_At_GTA says

    I'm loving the lodestone right next to a bank and a GE.  Move over Burthorpe, you're useless now.

  18. Dead At O Hp says

    You can actually price check things by just 'examining' them

  19. Elysian Aura says

    Alkan, you can keep the sharks on hotbar and eat them and it won't stop the pp.

  20. pyykk0 says

    HD ingame much worth it

  21. Kakashi Hatake says

    lmao this can't be real right?

  22. Dankrupt says

    i love elf city

  23. Mc Josh says

    i thought divination clan was coming out in first batch?

  24. ASFALT21 says

    Looks like all the best ideas and skilling ways have been dumped into this city. They have run out of ideas, expect shittier and shittier updates.

  25. ChezMak0r says

    I hate myself for wasting so much time on this game in the past. 

  26. Ferre D'haese says

    sick 😮

  27. I Still Hate Sheeps says

    Do the Motherload shards do anything?

  28. SoulTransfusion says

    The exp kept going down because you started losing bonus xp.

  29. Derek Manzano says

    How is Alkan pickpocketing so many times with just one click? 

  30. Heatless says

    Inb4 they're not going to make this an afk method…

  31. explosive rat says

    looks like stormwind in wow

  32. QPoily says

    Sharks are easier to get from thieving than they are by fishing them… gj jagex xD

  33. Bakske says

    This is so fucking OP :'''''''''''D

  34. Ole Aleksander Horn says

    tbh, i don't care about rs anymore. but why would they add more afk methods?

  35. MrChocolateM4n says

    Once the crystal pickaxe is released with the second batch, i can totally see mining being 200k/h

  36. Otto says

    RS's new name could be ElfScape.

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