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Electrical Vs Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science | A Side by Side Comparison


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In this video I give a side by side comparison of the college courses in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. Note that I really didn’t ‘count’ some of the intro classes as “major classes” cause they are just the very basics. You’ll also notice that all these majors take most of the same support courses which is why I only went over those briefly. With electives everyone’s schedule will look different, but you can expect most of these classes in each respective major.

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  1. JBromeo says

    christian bale?

  2. Jackie L says

    Computer design or building a computer is what my child wants to do.?

  3. Bjørn Aslak Dallmann says

    8:56 redstone fun

  4. Covington Kua says

    My school circuit analysis cramp all 3 into one semester

  5. Eeyore The Donkey says

    I am soooo excited to begin electrical engineering in the fall!! I am slightly nervous that I might fit better into a different engineering discipline, like computer or aerospace, but I’m looking forward to explore my interests in the next few years. Thank you for your advice!!

  6. Scary Gamer says

    Thanks giving the basic idea about all, thanks a lot much

  7. CallMeRiki21 says

    TY ALOT I am having a rough time trying to decide what major I want to take and this video does simplify choice ty

  8. Plato's Cave alum says


  9. Prestieger says

    computer science master race

  10. Arcanefire75 says

    Hey great video! I've realised after watching this that computer engineering might be great for me.
    Just a query though. How complementary are EE and CS at jobs? And will a Comp. Eng be at a disadvantage as he will be competing with specialists in their singular fields(Jack of all trades, master of none)? Or do I have to not worry about that and I can specialise in one of them later on at work? Will both of my skills be utilised at work?

    Btw, very informative video. Thanks!

  11. mohamed laid says

    can computer engineer make a website or application for iOS and androïd OS?

  12. Peter Jamali says

    I m majoring in computer engineering , can i go for mechatronics after graduation .?

  13. Mi Les says

    Electrical engineering is dead

    Please do not major in this: do physics or applied physics

  14. raianmr says

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. This was extremely helpful for me and my friends.

  15. Abhijeet Singh says

    Wait why do I feel I've taken most of these classes…

  16. DoGBroS INC says

    I want to learn computer hardware engineer and computer science

  17. Karlin Barnes says

    Hey MajorPrep. I love your videos and your channel. I am torn between Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am hoping that you can give me some advice. Please and thank you for your time.

  18. Dacio Ferreira says

    I would like to know about Statisti s Major. Could you make some video about that?

  19. Lordjegar Laurel says

    Hello everyone, I am a senior high school student and next year I will become a college student ummm I just want to ask if there are many Job for computer engineering because I am really confused if I will take computer science or computer engineering Personally, I really like to be a computer engineering but I am concerned if the computer engineering course have many opportunities to have a job fast. Answer will be appreciated. Thanks

  20. Elliot Roger fan account says

    Cs/comp engineering is for idiots. you don't even need to learn anything above discrete maths which is an absolute joke lmfao.

  21. Samuel Maldonado says

    Hi, im around 17 years old and have been interested in computers since i was very little. However, I have been looking at a lot of information regarding CpE, CSC and EE. Since I do not know much about college or majoring or anything, I would like to ask if it is better to do individually EE and CSC and take electives that enhance that knowledge towards CpE like computer networks and such. Or if its just better to take CpE rather than getting two bachelor's. Or if mastering CSC or EE is better than any of those options. However, I do want to point out that I would not like to focus on one only such as only hardware or only software even if i work on one more than the other. Out of all the information i have looked at, there is always someone saying that going CpE and electives alone is a waste of time because you are jack of all trades master of none (which I like) but the work force doesn't care for a jack of all trades, they care for someone that knows a lot about one thing.

  22. Shakadoo says

    Computer Engineering looks like a mix of cs and ee

  23. Quixotic Tsin says


  24. Ratnadeep Bhattacharyya says

    Thanks for the knowledge. In all other countries they teach computer science and computer enginneering as different course while in India they teach both in a single course – Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). I myself a CSE undergrad. Now I understand why is it so.

  25. blackfalcon1324 says

    Wait, your school does trimesters?

  26. aziz alali says

    Doing electrical engineering and im switching to compsci

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