The sims 4 just hosted the official livestream for the new expansion pack for 2020, eco living. I’ll give you a summary of the eco living livestream, covering featured gameplay, build/buy and cas that the gurus showed us. I’ll also add some commentary to give my honest opinion/ review of not only the livestream, but the sims 4 eco living and how well it holds up as an expansion pak and how this could be ranked as a dlc for sims 4 from what we’ve seen.
Let me know what you think about sims 4 eco lifestyle, the new features we saw, and if there are any other new stuff packs, game packs, os expansion packs you’d like to see announced for sims 4 in 2020.

This certainly has been a busy news cycle, both for paralives and sims 4 ! 2020 got off to a rocky and controversial start for the sims 4 with a disappointing hot tub for the 20th anniversary and the cancelling of maxis monthly livestreams. But community surveys, a knitting stuff pack/ community vote, and some updates for the 2020 timeline for sims 4 boosted some morale.

Many are still wondering if many things will come to sims 4, such as improved babies, generations, werewolves, resorts, farming, future/ time travel, and even little updates like bunkbeds and cars.

Be sure to stay tuned on my channel for more sims 4 news, speculation, and updates, as well as paralives news, interviews and commentary!


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  1. PLEASE READ: Unfortunately, I had a work call at the end so I only covered what I could; the build/ buy, some lot traits, and the free update to place windows wherever you like and FIREFIGHTERS(!) is not included in this discussion.Other things: fly death and flammable objects (ladders will be in a bg update too); my video is so late because my computer failed to upload the first time but I still really wanted to get this to you. Thanks! Maybe I can do a video covering those features.

  2. I am excited for the pack, but I'm super intimidated by the gameplay. It seems a bit over whelming right now but probably because its so new. I'm envisioning a lot more community and neighborhood things to juggle and now my build/buy affects my gameplay. I don't really like the aesthetic of the CAS or the build/buy. HOWEVER I am totally okay with not being comfortable. I am way more about family gameplay and as much as I am not sure how that will fit in, I am totally impressed with just how much of the game this expansion pack touches. I was blown away by the calendar and holiday system and how of seasons and now I can't imagine playing without that pack. I'm excited to be introduced to things I don't even realize I love, be that build/buy, CAS, or community play. Totally loving the new hairs, tho. Can't wait to start my "let's figure out this pack" save 🙂

  3. Huh. The trailers made this pack look so boring, like "who snuggles with worms?" when I found out they weren't chicks. I'm most excited for ladders, but 3D printing is beyond most of my wildest dreams for this game! Vertical farming lattices look cool too. Though the dumpster diving woohoo is just dirty, lol, I appreciate the useful application of recycling in game.

  4. Once again, the more I see about this Expansion pack, the more cool things I see. I really love the Still for making moonshine– oh, I mean fizzy drink. (Think if you could have a new freelancer career: running 'Shine. But I guess we'll have to wait till we have cars for that career. I don't think that weird looking bike would work too well on the backroads)

    I love that they've brought back dumpsters and diving for old stuff. The things you can get out of dumpsters are some of my favorite items from this pack.

    The bug boxes seem more interesting than they initially did. But that meat wall… ok here is my thought on that. It's still weird, but I think it would have been better if the aesthetic of it was more modern to futuristic, so metal or plastics for the structure itself. This way, it could work for storytelling of a futuristic world where food is in short supply, possibly with Sims living on a space station. But as it stands now, the meat wall still seems out of place.

    A lot of the build and buy items are really cool (I also watched James Turner's review of those), but as he said, it would be better if the frames of the doors wasn't on all versions of the doors.

    But despite seeing more and more cool stuff (apartments too), I'm thinking I'll pass on this one, in hopes of holding out for something I want more… like country living 😆😆.

    The things that are being added to base game will help alot: ladders, new bills system, improved sortable inventory, free non grid placement for doors and windows etc. I'm really excited for all of that stuff.

  5. I was very down on this pack after seeing the trailer and the world looked more like a global apocalypse had happened instead of sims being too lazy to pick up garbage. However, I fell a lot better about this pack. I think there are more clothes for elders sims to wear (they are usually forgotten about) so that pleases me. There are two lesbian families in the game so, where's the love for the fellows? Repoman, yay! Firemen, yay! Thanks for the video.

  6. I'm glad I am getting this, they did a great job on this pack, very in-depth from what I can see. All the minute details to link all the other packs together for this one.

  7. Tbh I got really surprised by the livestream. I feel like there was a mistake in marketing because the previous trailer gave the feeling that it was so empty & only eco centered but there is so much more! In fact this is more like a community expansion pack for me, which happened to bring eco friendly stuff with it. So many things are coming that should have been there so long ago: the advanced bill system, the advanced storage system (sorry not sure it's the right name in english), the man that comes to your house to pick up stuff if you dont pay your bill, the firefighter, the free-of-grid windows/doors, the difference in flammability between wooden stuff & metallic stuff, candles that actually burn smaller, etc. Soooooo many things that will come either with the pack or with the free update & that are key points for me ! And for the pack, the livestream made me love it. I am actually waiting for it now ! I so want to build a free loving community and all, and have a poll that dont necessarily comes to the outcome I expected ! This livestream was really needed to understand this pack for me.

  8. male sims are always left behind in cas. there's always a lack of items for them and the few ones they give tend to be ugly.
    idk if it's because there's a bigger female audience for the game, so they focus on giving more variety to female sims, but it results in me always having to get cc for males because the content for them in the game is always lacking

  9. ok this doesn't seem toooo bad, it doesn't seem as out of touch as the trailer made it seem. i appreciate the slummy aspect of this pack (i think the sims 4 is toooo perfect), splitting bills 🙏, bikes for all, apartments and the build/buy mode.

  10. I'm going to be honest, at first I thought there was barely anything in this pack when I watched the trailer but after the livestream I do feel like this pack is quite detailed and well put together but I still don't think it's a pack I would buy unless it's on sale :/

  11. Hey, thanks for this video. Didnt have the time to watch the stream, but wanted to know what was coming w this pack. Am I going to buy it full price? No. I'll wait for a sale more since I'm not playing TS4 "full time". I've only touched a bit of University if that says anything lol…I just dont feel the love for TS4 as I had for previous versions. Used to be 1st day person, now I'm like When is the sale? Lol

  12. I’m also impressed by the depth, and the integration of other packs, plus lots of new hobbies and skills is always a bonus. However, the theme “eco living” is just not interesting to me at all. I would have preferred it to be “community living” and just worked on giving us more gameplay and objects geared towards making the neighborhoods more alive and dynamic rather than adding bugs and dew catchers.

  13. I almost choked when I saw the apartments! It’s been a rocky start but I think this pack is holding it’s own. Thank you for the lovely video as always!!

  14. I'm just waiting for that base game patch! I'll be sure to get this expansion pack on sale, however (the little apartments saved the pack for me). My overall opinion on it has improved since the trailer but not all of my concerns have been relieved. The traits and aspirations still feel gameplay guided–like they're tutorials for exploring the expansion pack, instead of adding depth to your character. They also missed the opportunity to add veganism and vegan food options (but we got freegans, so rejoice ig) I'm really on the fence about the CAS items, they do look dreadful, and there isn't much for male sims, as usual. The expansion pack does expand the base game–but in a way that takes away from the sandbox feel of the game. It changes the game in a way that a game pack would. I like that there is something every week for your sims to look forward to, like a change in the neighborhood or community space, but this pack still feels very non-essential. I'm so split on it.

  15. i don’t usually watch livestreams of any kind bc i like to scrub through, but quarantine made me think why not, and i absolutely loved it. it made me a lot more excited about this pack, and i felt like i was playing with friends and got to know the sim gurus more. idk why but i thought it was so comforting 🥰

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