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DUOS Fortnite Fashion Show FINALS!


Today we jump into the finals of the $10K Fortnite Fashion Show!
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  1. YT_FraggerSALT-_- says

    Still think it was slightly unfair tho because Ali and Sypher don’t really need the money but still enjoyable ngl.

  2. J P the god says


  3. cat army says

    Txns wasnt that good the emotes doesn't fit with the skin

  4. Deen Assassin says

    This is the epic fashion show on fortnite

  5. KevinCrazy0825 says

    Omg Lachlan literally knows nothing about toy story

  6. Goodboyz 223 says

    Who else has little sisters that watches even tube and Jillian tube and realized he plays fortnite

  7. Uji Gigas says

    When it said Evan tube I was surprised!!!

  8. Joel Smithson says

    When he was gonna watch Tot Story he said he didn’t want to get copyrighted by Disney… Proves he doesn’t now anything about Toy Story… (It was made by Pixar…)

  9. Jim Schwartz says

    the two santas were Jack Skeleton

  10. Eitan Loo says

    The fish one was cos of the nursery rhyme. Which little finger did it bite. This little finger on my right.

  11. Anuradha Sammidi says

    Omg sypherpk

  12. Big Hits fishing says

    I wanted the skaters to win ??????

  13. Colten Lizotte says

    It’s fun to stay at the Y…..

  14. Josef Nohl Aron Hernandez says

    Txns did basketball cuz he plays basketball

  15. Panekuhukuhu Muru says

    Xdogged and evantubes theme was next gen movie

  16. Jane Johns says

    Woody said YOU CANT FLY


    Congrats Ali’s do nooo and sypher

  18. Kalendr DaGoat says

    Evan tube and his partner were trying to act out the human teaching the robot to be apart of society

  19. Michael Alexander says


  20. Bryant Truax says

    The Santa theme was the grinch

  21. Will_charlie says

    The toy story one is woody saying to buzz you can’t fly

  22. Andrew says


  23. Fruity Doggo says

    I watched the full stream did anyone else lol

  24. Reacter 1458 says

    Oh super pk

  25. Elijah Arrowsmith says

    Evantube was terminator

  26. Ilman Mahdan says

    dang cut out the part where evan nuked alia and sypherpk lol

  27. UltraFN says


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