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Duo with Sirhcez Live Game #Gatez


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  1. joe says

    poo in loo

  2. Draphiux says

    6 minute level 6… k

  3. SteezyJam says

    Around 2:47 he seems to cycle the camera to other lanes by pressing buttons cause he doesn't click on the mini map with the hand. Does anyone know how to do that?

  4. Sho Woodberry says

    this dude is a god

  5. Scott says

    I like the full games from time to time. Your commentary is great, as is the perspective for each stage of the game.

  6. Abolyemen ZIZO says

    32:92 rofllllllllllllllll i died right there XDDDDDDDD

  7. Doobie doobie dapdap says

    i miss the raging trick2g ??

  8. Dexter NaNo says

    Who else wants to see a " ZZ'Rot Portal My way " To show us how to properly use a Rot, and why he always buys it and how to place it.

  9. Lex says

    0:35…..i thought i found a game….

  10. Yu Wish says

    @trick2g, you should try the new Yorick. From what I've seen he's a split-pushing monster and plays a lot like Nasus, just without the stacking.

  11. SharkyBG says

    i love you man i watch all of your videos to became better and better

    can u give me a runes advice

  12. Tias lmao says

    runes ?

  13. Lol Mao says

    nice game dude, the gates are back once a mtf gain. thx for turning your windows 10 sounds off Kappa

  14. Yubi yubi says

    lazy jhin at 26:30

  15. Mcgougen says

    Pissed myself at 29:52, feels bad shyvana

  16. xLeaguex says

    Trick you're probably the best league streamer/teacher, I've learned alot from you man. Thanks for all the tips, all the laughs, keep doing what you do best man!

  17. Carlos Falcon says

    Damn dude that Udyr speed was crazy.

  18. John Appleseed says


  19. Maria Guardado says

    To: Fishing For Urf


  20. toritofine says

    9:23 Trick: That could have gone really bad…    9:26 Trick: OH MY GOD DAMN!!…  LOL

  21. Kanye says

    How did he have 16% cdr before 3:16 then it dropped to 6%?

  22. bdawolf says

    We pimps got you bro. Keep making vids, you have good talent. Don't let the abyss swallow you. Do what you can to live and have do it while having fun. Don't get pressured man.???

  23. Fernando Marquez says

    Pimps from brofrescos channel spotted. We supporting you man , keep it up dont give in! 🙂

  24. Mustafa Mohammed says

    glad to see my fav boosted animal back hope ur doing well man 🙂

  25. keith m says

    Trick much respect to you man you are my favorite league commentator by far.

    I wish you had more games where you are behind in beginning, or your team is throwing, because that happens a lot in lower elo's. Even if you lose it I'd like to her your commentary on it.

  26. World of Conspiracy says


  27. 69 kimpa 69 says

    when does the 6.17 flamdyr myWays coming down? i need to climb again

  28. MrAfroninja says

    How he gets his camera so quick on teammates or spottet enemys??

  29. Toby Don says

    Keep it up Trick 2G!

  30. Ngoc Linh Nguyen Kim says

    what is that big 0 top right?

  31. Ire says

    RESPECT THE GATES!! Awesome video once a MO'Fkn again. keep your head up trick. I'm a new fan of yours and have to say your a fkn beast. Much respect to you and the work you put into the game. Much love from Hawaii

  32. シルビアAlexander says

    Best duo NA PogChamp

  33. Cristian Azolas says

    thanks for everything trick,all of those days watching are worth, hope feelsgoodman

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